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Alveolar Process definition: The thickest and spongiest part of the maxilla and mandible hollowed out into deep cavities for the teeth.
Cell Physiological Phenomena definition: Cellular processes, properties, and characteristics.
Cell Physiology definition: Characteristics and physiological processes of cells from cell division to cell death.
Cellular Process definition: A coordinated, single-cell function or a process involving or requiring whole cells or involving a major or a substantial portion of a cell or of the total machinery of a cell. (NCI)
Subcellular Process definition: An intracellular or extracellular function, activity, or process principally involving intracellular or extracellular components. (NCI)
Circadian Rhythm definition: The regular recurrence, in cycles of about 24 hours, of biological processes or activities, such as sensitivity to drugs and stimuli, hormone secretion, sleeping, feeding, etc. This rhythm seems to be set by a 'biological clock' which seems to be set by recurring daylight and darkness.
circadian rhythm definition: rhythmic recurrences of certain phenomena in living organisms occurring at about the same time of day, i.e., on a 24 hour cycle.
circadian rhythm definition: Any biological process in an organism that recurs with a regularity of approximately 24 hours. [GOC:bf, GOC:go_curators]
Conditioning (Psychology) definition: A general term referring to the learning of some particular response.
conditioning definition: process by which an organism can be made to respond to a previously neutral (conditioned) stimulus as it would to another (unconditioned) stimulus by pairing the two sitimuli; e.g., pairing a bell with food eventually will make a dog salivate when bell is heard.
Conditioning definition: Generally refers to relative simple learning situations in which a stimulus initially incapable of evoking a certain response acquires the ability to do so by repeated pairing with another stimulus that does elicit the response.
Copying Processes definition: Reproduction of data in a new location or other destination, leaving the source data unchanged, although the physical form of the result may differ from that of the source.
copying definition: reproduction of data in a new location or other destination, leaving the source data unchanged, although the physical form of the result may differ from that of the source.
Group Processes definition: The procedures through which a group approaches, attacks, and solves a common problem.
social group process definition: procedures by which a group of individuals approach and solve their common objectives.
Mental Processes definition: Conceptual functions or thinking in all its forms.
mental process definition: conceptual functions or thinking in all its forms.
Mental Process definition: Conceptual functions or thinking in all its forms. (NCI)
Physiological Processes definition: see:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/MBrowser.html
biological_process definition: Any process specifically pertinent to the functioning of integrated living units: cells, tissues, organs, and organisms. A process is a collection of molecular events with a defined beginning and end. [GOC:go_curators, GOC:isa_complete]
Physiological Processes definition: The functions and activities of living organisms that support life in single- or multi-cellular organisms from their origin through the progression of life.
Organismal Process definition: A biologic function, activity, or process involving either specialized organ functions, individual organs, organ systems, body parts, or whole organisms.
Process Assessment (Health Care) definition: An evaluation procedure that focuses on how care is delivered, based on the premise that there are standards of performance for activities undertaken in delivering patient care, in which the specific actions taken, events occurring, and human interactions are compared with accepted standards.
Dying Process definition: Physical and behavioral responses associated with death.
biosynthesis definition: general term for synthesis of chemical compounds by living organisms.
biosynthetic process definition: The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of substances; typically the energy-requiring part of metabolism in which simpler substances are transformed into more complex ones. [GOC:curators, ISBN:0198547684]
Biosynthesis definition: Formation of a chemical compound by enzymes, either in the organism (in vivo) or by fragments or extracts of cells (in vitro).
excretion definition: act or process of discharging waste matter from the blood, tissues, or organs.
excretion definition: The elimination by an organism of the waste products that arise as a result of metabolic activity. These products include water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogenous compounds. [ISBN:0192801023]
Biological Processes definition: Biological activities and function of the whole organism in human, animal, microorgansims, and plants, and of the biosphere.
Biological Process definition: An activity that occurs between organisms or that occurs within an organism and involves the function, or modification of function by external factors, of biologic molecules, biologic complexes, subcellular components, cells, tissues, organs, or organ systems.
Autoimmune definition: Pertaining to autoimmunity.
Autoimmune Process definition: Developmentally complex, not necessarily pathological, and possibly pervasive, an Autoimmune Process is a specific humoral or cell-mediated immune response against autologous (self) antigens. An autoimmune process may produce or be caused by autoimmune disease.
endocrine process definition: Any of the hormonal, neural, and secretory processes that release products into the blood or lymph. These products have specific effects on other organs. [ISBN:0721662544 "Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary"]
Endocrine Physiology definition: Study of the functions and activities of the endocrine system as a whole or of any of its parts.
catabolic process definition: The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of substances, including the breakdown of carbon compounds with the liberation of energy for use by the cell or organism. [ISBN:0198547684]
Catabolism definition: Catabolism is an enzyme-catalyzed biochemical process in which complex molecules are degraded to simpler molecules releasing energy.
Genetic Processes definition: Those biological processes that are involved in the transmission of hereditary traits from one organism to another.
cellular process definition: Any process that is carried out at the cellular level, but not necessarily restricted to a single cell. For example, cell communication occurs among more than one cell, but occurs at the cellular level. [GOC:go_curators, GOC:isa_complete]
bilateral process definition: OBSOLETE (was not defined before being made obsolete). [GOC:ai]
coagulation definition: The process by which a fluid solution, or part of it, changes into a solid or semisolid mass. [ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"]
Aging-Related Process definition: Any physiological aspect of aging; irreversible changes in an organism that occur over time and lead to a more mature condition.
Biochemical Processes definition: Chemical reactions or functions, enzymatic activities, and metabolic pathways of living things.
Biochemical Process definition: A linked series of non-equivalent biochemical interactions and enzymatic reactions, and/or a linked series of biochemical processes.
Biophysical Processes definition: Physical forces and actions in living things.
Biophysical Process definition: Affecting biological factors or systems, a Biophysical Process is a subatomic, atomic, or molecular process that involves passive, physical movement; attraction or repulsion (electrostatic, van der Waals, gradient, hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, etc.); radiation interaction; or non-enzymatic formation of covalent bonds.
Detoxification Process definition: A Detoxification Process consists of activities of biologic molecules, complexes, or subcellular components involved in reducing the pharmacologic activity or toxicity of a drug or other foreign substance, typically by enzymatic transformations that make a substance more soluble for faster renal excretion.
developmental process definition: A biological process whose specific outcome is the progression of an integrated living unit: an anatomical structure (which may be a subcellular structure, cell, tissue, or organ), or organism over time from an initial condition to a later condition. [GOC:isa_complete]
Developmental Process definition: A process that promotes the formation of new, more mature, or differentiated tissues, organs, or organ systems. May be, and often is, part of general development, but is not restricted to occur only during general development. (NCI)
Catabolic Process definition: A Catabolic Process consists of activities of biologic molecules, biologic complexes, or subcellular components involved in the enzyme-catalyzed biochemical process by which complex molecules are degraded to simpler molecules releasing energy.
Circulatory Process definition: A Circulatory Process consists of functions of cellular, cell, or tissue components of the heart or blood vessels by which blood is pumped and circulated through the body to provide tissues with oxygen and nutrients and to remove waste products.
Epigenetic Process definition: Changes in the regulation of the expression of gene activity without alteration of genetic structure.
Gastrointestinal Process definition: A Gastrointestinal Process involves the function of components of the digestive system, which includes the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, anus, liver, biliary tract, and pancreas.
Coagulation Process definition: Any process, condition, or event involved in blood coagulation. (NCI)
Process definition: A sequence of events which produces some outcome.
In Process definition: Used by one system to inform another that the specific container is being processed by the equipment. It is useful as a response to a query about Container Status, when the specific step of the process is not relevant.
Biological_Process_Is_Part_Of_Process definition: This role asserts that a biological process operates as a component of another biological process. Both the domain and the range for this role is the Biological_Process_Kind.
Heterotrophic Processes definition: The processes by which organisms utilize organic substances as their nutrient sources. Contrasts with AUTOTROPHIC PROCESSES which make use of simple inorganic substances as the nutrient supply source. Heterotrophs can be either chemoheterotrophs (or chemoorganotrophs) which also require organic substances such as glucose for their primary metabolic energy requirements, or photoheterotrophs (or photoorganotrophs) which derive their primary energy requirements from light. Depending on environmental conditions some organisms can switch between different nutritional modes (AUTOTROPHY; heterotrophy; chemotrophy; or PHOTOTROPHY) to utilize different sources to meet their nutrients and energy requirements.
dormancy process definition: The process by which a dormant state is induced, maintained and broken. Dormancy is characterized by a suspension of physiological activity. [GOC:isa_complete]
cytokinetic process definition: A cellular process that is involved in the division of the cytoplasm of a cell and its separation into two daughter cells. [GOC:isa_complete, GOC:mah]
homeostatic process definition: Any biological process involved in the maintenance of an internal equilibrium. [GOC:jl, ISBN:0395825172]
heart process definition: A circulatory system process carried out by the heart. The heart is a hollow, muscular organ, which, by contracting rhythmically, keeps up the circulation of the blood. The heart is a hollow, muscular organ, which, by contracting rhythmically, keeps up the circulation of the blood. [GOC:mtg_cardio]
Astronomical Processes definition: The behavior and interactions of matter and energy in outer space.
Geological Processes definition: Events and activities of the Earth and its structures.
Chemical Processes definition: The reactions and interactions of atoms and molecules, the changes in their structure and composition, and associated energy changes.
Bacterial Processes definition: The functions, behavior, and activities of bacteria.
Electrophysiological Processes definition: The functions and activities of living organisms or their parts involved in generating and responding to electrical charges .
Climatic Processes definition: Characteristic events occurring in the ATMOSPHERE during the interactions and transformation of various atmospheric components and conditions.
flight definition: Self-propelled movement of an organism from one location to another through the air, usually by means of active wing movement. [GOC:dph]
delamination definition: The negative regulation of cell adhesion process by which a cell or sheet of cells splits off of an existing epithelial sheet. [GOC:dph, PMID:16962574, PMID:18343170]
Cavitation definition: The formation and rapid collapse of bubbles in a fluid. The creation of bubbles is driven by mechanical force.
business process definition: [1] Geschäftsprozess
technique definition: Technique.
process definition: Processus, procédé, procédure, recette.
procedure definition: Procédé.
procedure definition: Procédure.
abarbeiten definition: [1] ein auferlegtes Arbeitspensum bearbeiten [2] die sequenzielle Durchführung von Programmschritten durch einen Computer [3] schwer arbeiten, bis zur Erschöpfung arbeiten, sich abmühen
Prozess definition: [1] eine durch ein Ereignis ausgelöste Folge von Aktivitäten und/oder Zuständen, die in einen Endzustand mündet [2] Jura: Gerichtsverhandlung, Gerichtsverfahren, Rechtsstreit
Vorgang definition: [1] Ablauf (eines Geschehens). [2] das Geschehen selbst
Geschäftsprozess definition: [1] besteht aus einer zusammenhängenden abgeschlossenen Folge von Tätigkeiten, die zur Erfüllung einer betrieblichen Aufgabe notwendig sind. Die Tätigkeiten werden von Aufgabenträgern in organisatorischen Einheiten unter Nutzung der benötigten Produktionsfaktoren geleistet.
Ablauf definition: [1] Allgemein: Prozess, Abfolge [2] Wasserablauf, eine Vorrichtung zum Ablaufen von Flüssigkeiten [3] Ein Verbindungsbauteil [4] Beendigung einer Zeitspanne, zu Ende gehen
verarbeiten definition: [1]
Abbauprozess definition: [1] Vorgang des Förderns und Ausbeutens im Bergbau sowie allgemein des Abschaffens, Verringerns, Zerfallens, Zerlegens und Nachlassens
Rechnungslauf definition: [1] Buchhaltung: konzentriertes Abarbeiten von eingehenden oder ausgehenden Rechnungen zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt
processus definition: Suite d'actions conduisant à un but défini. Suite d'états ou de phases de l'organisation d'une opération ou d'une transformation
processus definition: ''(Informatique)'' Tâche en train de s’exécuter.
processus definition: Système d'activités qui utilise des ressources (personnel, équipement, matériels, informations) pour transformer des éléments entrants en éléments de sortie dont le résultat final attendu est un produit ou un service.
processus definition: Partie du corps étant décrite comme proéminente.
processus definition: ''(Psychologie)'' Ensemble considéré comme doté d'une unité et d'une organisation, d'événements étalés dans le temps. Il peut être aussi une unité élémentaire du fonctionnement mental qui, d'après un modèle, est susceptible de se composer avec d'autres pour donner lieu à une unité d'ordre plus élevé.
processus definition: ''(Psychanalyse)'' Mode de fonctionnement de l'appareil psychique.
processus definition: ''(Industrie)'' Suite d'opérations normalisées effectuées par tout ou partie des employés pour effectuer une tâche donnée
procédé definition: Conduite, manière d’agir d’une personne envers une autre.
procédé definition: Il se dit absolument, au pluriel, des Bons procédés.
procédé definition: En termes d’Arts et de sciences, désigne la Méthode qu’il faut suivre pour exécuter quelque ouvrage, pour faire quelque opération.
procédé definition: Et de beaux- Arts, il s’emploie dans le sens d’Artifice, de moyens en quelque sorte mécaniques qui remplacent l’inspiration, le naturel, la spontanéité.
procédé definition: En termes de jeu de Billard, il désigne la Lamelle de cuir qui est appliquée au petit bout d’une queue de billard et que l’on frotte de craie.