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Protein Processing, Post-Translational definition: Any of various enzymatically catalyzed post-translational modifications of PEPTIDES or PROTEINS in the cell of origin. These modifications include carboxylation; HYDROXYLATION; ACETYLATION; PHOSPHORYLATION; METHYLATION; GLYCOSYLATION; ubiquitination; oxidation; proteolysis; and crosslinking and result in changes in molecular weight and electrophoretic motility.
posttranslational modification definition: normal biosynthetic reactions occurring after polypeptide chain assembly at the ribosome; for experimental modifications, use PROTEIN ENGINEERING or other term.
protein processing definition: The posttranslational modification of a protein, particularly secretory proteins and proteins targeted for membranes or specific cellular locations. [GOC:jl, http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk]
post-translational protein modification definition: The covalent alteration of one or more amino acids occurring in a protein after the protein has been completely translated and released from the ribosome. [GOC:jsg]
Post-Translational Modification definition: The enzymatic processing of a polypeptide chain after translation from messenger RNA and after peptide bond formation has occurred. Examples include glycosylation, acylation, limited proteolysis, phosphorylation, isoprenylation.
Specimen Handling definition: Procedures for collecting, preserving, and transporting of specimens sufficiently stable to provide accurate and precise results suitable for clinical interpretation.
Specimen Processing definition: The process of preparing a sample or portion of a sample for storage, preservation, or further analysis.
specimen treatment definition: A procedure or treatment performed on a specimen to prepare it for analysis
Word Processing definition: Text editing and storage functions using computer software.
image processing definition: imaging technique that enhances the imagery into a form that is more useful; may include inputting images into a computer and then processing the imagery.
Image Processing definition: The use of data processing systems to analyze, enhance, interpret or display digital images.
Antigen Processing definition: The process by which foreign molecules are taken up by antigen presenting cells, proteolytically cleaved, and displayed on the cell surface in complex with MHC molecules.
Antigen Presentation definition: The process by which antigen is presented to lymphocytes in a form they can recognize. This is performed by antigen presenting cells (APCs). Some antigens require processing before they can be recognized. Antigen processing consists of ingestion and partial digestion of the antigen by the APC, followed by presentation of fragments on the cell surface. (From Rosen et al., Dictionary of Immunology, 1989)
antigen processing and presentation definition: The process by which an antigen-presenting cell expresses antigen (peptide or lipid) on its cell surface in association with an MHC protein complex. [GO_REF:0000022, GOC:add, GOC:mtg_15nov05, ISBN:0781735149 "Fundamental Immunology", PMID:15771591, PMID:15928678]
antigen presentation definition: process by which an antigen is presented to lymphocytes in a form they can recognize; antigen presenting cells may ingest or digest the antigen and present the fragments to the cell surface for recognition by the lymphocytes.
Antigen Presentation definition: The event of providing fragments of foreign proteins, including viruses and bacteria, to the helper T cells. The presentation occurs through the display of the fragments of foreign proteins on the surface of the antigen-presenting cells (APC).
parallel processing definition: computer system (hardware or software) which can simultaneously run multiple instructions and/or applications.
Data Processing definition: A series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information.
RNA 3'-end processing definition: Any process involved in forming the mature 3' end of an RNA molecule. [GOC:mah]
RNA 3' End Processing definition: The steps that generate the 3' ends of mature RNA molecules. For most mRNAs (RNA, MESSENGER), 3' end processing referred to as POLYADENYLATION includes the addition of POLY A.
mitochondrial protein processing during import definition: The cleavage of proteins, usually near the N terminus, during the process of import into the mitochondrion; several different peptidases mediate cleavage of proteins destined for different mitochondrial compartments. [GOC:mcc, PMID:12191769]
rRNA processing definition: Any process involved in the conversion of a primary ribosomal RNA (rRNA) transcript into one or more mature rRNA molecules. [GOC:curators]
insulin processing definition: The formation of mature insulin by proteolysis of the precursor preproinsulin. The signal sequence is first cleaved from preproinsulin to form proinsulin; proinsulin is then cleaved to release the C peptide, leaving the A and B chains of mature insulin linked by disulfide bridges. [ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"]
RNA processing definition: Any process involved in the conversion of one or more primary RNA transcripts into one or more mature RNA molecules. [GOC:mah]
RNA Processing definition: Modifications of primary RNA transcripts including: splicing, cleavage, base modification, capping and the addition of poly A (mRNA) or CCA (tRNA) tails. The primary transcript is the RNA molecule containing the exact sequence of bases (with U substituting for T in DNA) found in the nontemplate strand of transcribed DNA.
snRNA processing definition: Any process involved in the conversion of a primary small nuclear RNA (snRNA) transcript into a mature snRNA molecule. [GOC:jl]
tRNA processing definition: The process by which a pre-tRNA molecule is converted to a mature tRNA, ready for addition of an aminoacyl group. [GOC:jl, PMID:12533506]
peptide pheromone maturation definition: The generation of a mature, active peptide pheromone via processes unique to its processing and modification. [GOC:elh]
sensory processing definition: Any neural process required for an organism to sense and interpret the dimensions of a sensory experience: modality, location, intensity and affect. [GOC:dph, ISBN:0721662544 "Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary"]
Sensory Process definition: Processes that involve and promote the transfer or transmission of stimulatory (sensory) information from the periphery to more central organized structures and mechanisms involved in processing information. (NCI)
Proteolytic Processing definition: Generally irreversible, Proteolytic Processing involves removal of peptide segments from proteins, usually from the N- or C-terminus and often during polypeptide maturation, to regulate activity, location, or stability.
gene silencing by miRNA, production of miRNAs definition: Cleavage of stem-loop RNA precursors into microRNAs (miRNAs), a class of small RNAs that primarily silence genes by blocking the translation of mRNA transcripts into protein. [GOC:dph, GOC:tb, PMID:15066275, PMID:15066283]
snoRNA processing definition: Any process involved in the conversion of a primary small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) transcript into a mature snoRNA. [GOC:go_curators, PMID:12773397]
Current processing definition: Identifies on-line mode of processing.
Processing definition: The act of preparing or putting through a prescribed procedure.
mRNA processing definition: Any process involved in the conversion of a primary mRNA transcript into one or more mature mRNA(s) prior to translation into polypeptide. [GOC:mah]
enkephalin processing definition: The formation of mature enkephalin, a pentapeptide hormone involved in regulating pain and nociception in the body by proteolytic processing of enkephalin propeptide. [GOC:mah, GOC:rl, PMID:8262946]
islet amyloid polypeptide processing definition: The formation of mature islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) by posttranslational processing of pro-islet amyloid polypeptide (pro-IAPP). [GOC:rl, PMID:15983213, PMID:8262946]
Processing Equipment definition: Equipment that has processed composite instances to create new composite instances. For example, a 3D Workstation.
ncRNA processing definition: Any process that results in the conversion of one or more primary non-coding RNA (ncRNA) transcripts into one or more mature ncRNA molecules. [GOC:mah]
Abarbeitung definition: [1] Schrittweise Erfüllung eines zuvor festgelegten oder vereinbarten Aufgabenumfanges [2] Tilgung oder Verringerung einer Schuld, Schuldentilgung [3] (schriftliche) Abhandlung, Ausführung eines Themas
Abfertigung definition: [1] Luftfahrt, Schifffahrt: Verladung von Gütern oder Personen für den Transport und die Ausstellung notwendiger Papiere und Dokumente
Veredelung definition: 'Veredelung' bedeutet [1] die Wertsteigerung von Materialien und Produkten durch intelligente Bearbeitung, Verarbeitung oder Ausbesserung, [2] die vegetative Vermehrung von Nutz- und Zierpflanzen mit Hilfe von Wirtspflanzen, [3] die charakterliche, sittliche und geistige Verbesserung der Menschen oder der Gesellschaft.
Sprachverarbeitung definition: [1] Linguistik: Produktion und Rezeption sprachlicher Äußerungen durch den Menschen [2] Linguistik: speziell Computerlinguistik: Analyse und Synthese sprachlicher Äußerungen durch Computer
Textverarbeitung definition: [1] Informatik: Software, Verfahren zur Bearbeitung von Texten [2] Linguistik, speziell Psycholinguistik: kognitive Leistungen von Personen bei der Aufnahme, Interpretation oder Produktion von Texten
Datenverarbeitung definition: [1] die zielgerichtete Transformation von im allgemeinen großen Datenmengen durch Menschen und/oder Maschinen nach einem vorgegebenen Verfahren.
informatique definition: Domaine des concepts et autres techniques employées pour le traitement automatique de l’information.
façonnage definition: Ensemble des opérations à forfait effectuées pour le compte d’une société pétrolière.
fusionnement definition: Action de fusionner.
fusionnement definition: Regroupement de renseignements, bruts ou non, qui proviennent de sources ou d'organismes différents et dont l'origine ne doit alors plus être apparente.