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TRANSMITTERS AND RECEIVERS, PHYSIOLOGICAL SIGNAL, RADIOFREQUENCY definition: A radiofrequency physiological signal transmitter and receiver is a device used to condition a physiological signal so that it can be transmitted via radiofrequency from one location to another, e.g., a central monitoring station. The received signal is reconditioned by the device into its original format so that it can be displayed.
Cochlear Implantation definition: Surgical insertion of an electronic hearing device (COCHLEAR IMPLANTS) with electrodes to the COCHLEAR NERVE in the inner ear to create sound sensation in patients with residual nerve fibers.
Receiver Operator Characteristics definition: Functions that assign the maximum specificity to each value of sensitivity.The method is used for deciding which clinical data are of importance for treatment decisions in a given clinical setting. It comprises computation of the receiver operator characteristic (ROC) functions of the compared sets of data, which are characterized by the non-linear integrals of their ROC functions.
receiver definition: The person (or organization) who receives the product of an Act.
receiver definition: The entity is the receiver of the transmission.
Receiver responsibility definition: This property holds the identifier of the follow-on interaction, when the receiving application role for an interaction has the responsibility to initiate a follow-on interaction.
Received By definition: Indicates the person or authoritative body who has received something.
receiver definition: Écouteur (d'un téléphone).
receiver definition: la partie d'un radio qui reçoit une transmission.
Telefonhörer definition: [1] der (abnehmbare) Teil des Telefons, in den man spricht und den man sich ans Ohr hält.
Hörer definition: [1] kurz für Zuhörer (Person, die ein Radioprogramm hört) [2] jemand der eine Vorlesung besucht [3] kurz für Geräte, mit denen man hören kann
Receiver definition: [1] Unterhaltungselektronik: Ein elektronischer Verstärker mit einem integrierten Radioempfangsteil (Tuner) [2] Fernsehelektronik: Kurzform für Satellitenreceiver
DVB-T-Receiver definition: [1] Gerät zum Empfang von digitalem terrestrischen Rundfunk
Empfänger definition: [1] jemand, der etwas empfängt (=bekommt; erhält; entgegennimmt); Person die, etwas in Empfang nimmt [2] Gerät, das Signale empfängt
ampli-syntoniseur definition: Élément de chaîne électro-acoustique intégrant simultanément la fonction de syntoniseur et celle d’amplificateur dans la gamme des fréquences audibles (audiofréquences).
receveur definition: Celui, celle qui a charge de faire une recette, soit en argent, soit en nature.
receveur definition: Joueur qui attrape la balle lancée par le lanceur.
téléviseur definition: Appareil destiné à reproduire l'image produite par la télévision sur un écran interne, soit par projection (standard) ou par pigmentation (LCD et plasma).