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REMOVER, INTRAUTERINE DEVICE, CONTRACEPTIVE, HOOK-TYPE definition: An obstetric-gynecologic specialized manual instrument is one of a group of devices used during obstetric-gynecologic procedures to perform manipulative diagnostic and surgical functions (e.g., dilating, grasping, measuring, and scraping), where structural integrity is the chief criterion of device performance. This type of device consists of the following: (1) An amniotome is an instrument used to rupture the fetal membranes. (2) A circumcision clamp is an instrument used to compress the foreskin of the penis during circumcision of a male infant. (3) An umbilical clamp is an instrument used to compress the umbilical cord. (4) A uterine curette is an instrument used to scrape and remove material from the uterus. (5) A fixed-size cervical dilator is any of a series of bougies of various sizes used to dilate the cervical os by stretching the cervix. (6) A uterine elevator is an instrument inserted into the uterus used to lift and manipulate the uterus. (7) A gynecological surgical forceps is an instrument with two blades and handles used to pull, grasp, or compress during gynecological examination. (8) A cervical cone knife is a cutting instrument used to excise and remove tissue from the cervix. (9) A gynecological cerclage needle is a looplike instrument used to suture the cervix. (10) A hook-type contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD) remover is an instrument used to remove an IUD from the uterus. (11) A gynecological fibroid screw is an instrument used to hold onto a fibroid. (12) A uterine sound is an instrument used to determine the depth of the uterus by inserting it into the uterine cavity. (13) A cytological cervical spatula is a blunt instrument used to scrape and remove cytological material from the surface of the cervix or vagina. (14) A gynecological biopsy forceps is an instrument with two blades and handles used for gynecological biopsy procedures. (15) A uterine tenaculum is a hooklike instrument used to seize and hold the cervix or fundus. (16) An internal pelvimeter is an instrument used within the vagina to measure the diameter and capacity of the pelvis. (17) A nonmetal vaginal speculum is a nonmetal instrument used to expose the interior of the vagina. (18) A fiberoptic nonmetal vaginal speculum is a nonmetal instrument, with fiberoptic light, used to expose and illuminate the interior of the vagina.
REMOVER, CROWN definition: A dental hand instrument is a hand-held device intended to perform various tasks in general dentistry and oral surgery procedures. The device includes the operative burnisher, operative amalgam carrier, operative dental amalgam carver, surgical bone chisel, operative amalgam and foil condenser, endodontic curette, operative curette, periodontic curette, surgical curette, dental surgical elevator, operative dental excavator, operative explorer surgical bone file, operative margin finishing file, periodontic file, periodontic probe, surgical rongeur forceps, surgical tooth extractor forceps, surgical hemostat, periodontic hoe, operative matrix contouring instrument, operative cutting instrument, operative margin finishing periodontic knife, periodontic marker, operative pliers, endodontic root canal plugger, endodontic root canal preparer, surgical biopsy punch, endodontic pulp canal reamer, crown remover, periodontic scaler, collar and crown scissors, endodontic pulp canal filling material spreader, surgical osteotome chisel, endodontic broach, dental wax carver, endodontic pulp canal file, hand instrument for calculus removal, dental depth gauge instrument, plastic dental filling instrument, dental instrument handle, surgical tissue scissors, mouth mirror, orthodontic band driver, orthodontic band pusher, orthodontic band setter, orthodontic bracket aligner, orthodontic pliers, orthodontic ligature tucking instrument, forceps, for articulation paper, forceps for dental dressing, dental matrix band, matrix retainer, dental retractor, dental retractor accessories, periodontic or endodontic irrigating syringe, and restorative or impression material syringe.
INSERTER/REMOVER CONTACT LENS definition: A contact lens inserter/remover is a handheld device intended to insert or remove contact lenses by surface adhesion or suction.
Adhesive Removers definition: Solvent material designed to remove adhesive tape or other adhesive-based products (e.g., bandages, dressings, ostomy wafers, etc.) and the associated adhesive residue from the skin or other surfaces. The solvent is typically packaged in various forms for application, e.g., spray bottles or pre-soaked pads or swabs.
remover definition: Dissolvant de vernis à ongle.
smacchiatore definition: [1] der Fleckenentferner, der Fleckenreiniger
Abbeizmittel definition: [1] chemische Verbindung, mit dessen Hilfe alte Farbanstriche entfernt werden können
Fleckenwasser definition: [1] Haushalt: Lösungsmittel, um Flecken aus der Kleidung zu entfernen, ohne diese insgesamt zu waschen (meist mit Leichtbenzinen)