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Hospital Shared Services definition: Cooperation among hospitals for the purpose of sharing various departmental services, e.g., pharmacy, laundry, data processing, etc.
Shared Paranoid Disorder definition: A condition in which closely related persons, usually in the same family, share the same delusions.
Group Purchasing definition: A shared service which combines the purchasing power of individual organizations or facilities in order to obtain lower prices for equipment and supplies. (From Health Care Terms, 2nd ed)
Animal Pharmacology Shared Resource definition: Animal Pharmacology Shared Resource provides support and expertise to Cancer Center investigators in evaluation of the pharmacological effects of drug candidates in clinically relevant animal models.
Bioinformatics Shared Resource definition: The Bioinformatics Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with the infrastructure and guidance in the following areas: genomic data analysis, microarray data analysis, protein structure and molecular modeling, computational tools, database mining, development, and support, and training for user community.
Biosafety Service Shared Resource definition: The Biosafety Service Shared Resource provides technical guidance and training in biological safety issues for members of Cancer Center including biological agents handling, registration of recombinant DNA and infectious agents, handling of human materials and potentially infectious materials, decontamination and disposal of biological waste, use of biosafety equipment, clean-up of biological spills. Resource assists in facilities design, advices during the construction of containment facilities, and maintains a liaison with governmental agencies regarding biosafety related matters.
Biostatistics Shared Resource definition: The Biostatistics Shared Resource works with Cancer Center investigators to define study/protocol objectives and endpoints, analyze pilot data, select an appropriate study design, blinding methods and randomization scheme, plan interim analyses, define an adequate sample size and accrual rate, develop and evaluate the statistical methods and analyse data, prepare statistical sections of the grant and protocol applications, analyze and design relational databases, forms and reports.
Cytogenetics Shared Resource definition: Cytogenetics Shared Resource provides Cancer Center members with support in following areas: routine cytogenetic (such as giemsa (G)-banding on fibroblast, lymphoblast or somatic cell hybrid lines to determine karyotypes, etc.), fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for clarification of karyotypes, and SKY (spectral karyotyping), to analyze chromosomal changes, microsatellite analysis of tumors for loss of heterozygosity, mutation analysis of tumors, chimerism studies of bone marrow transplants; maintenance of cell lines and lymphocytes.
DNA'sequencing Shared Resource definition: The DNA Sequencing Shared Resource offers automated DNA sequencing for Cancer Center investigators. The resource provides sequence assembly services such as plasmid, PCR product, lambda, cosmid, PAC, BAC DNA templates sequencing, and consultation services and protocols for designing sequencing strategies and for the preparation of substrates.
Digital Imaging Shared Resource definition: The Digital Imaging Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with support in high-resolution deconvolution microscopy, digital epi-fluorescence and brightfield microscopy, quantitative image analysis, cell microinjection and resulting biological analyses, and photo-production.
Electron Microscopy Shared Resource definition: The Electron Microscopy Shared Resource provides the following services to Cancer Center researchers: counseling on the appropriate electron microscopy method for particular project, sample preparation and ultrastructural analysis by conventional electron microscopy, photographic and digital documentation of the samples, analysis and interpretation of the results, preparation of presentation-quality images.
Histology and Immunohistochemistry Shared Resource definition: The Histology and Immunohistochemistry Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with histological and immunohistochemical technical services and expert histopathological and embryological advice, including frozen sections, slides preparation and assessment, specialized histochemical staining, antigen detection, individualized immunohistochemical assays, specialized assays: TUNEL, BrdU, beta galactosidase, etc. interpretation assistance and confirmation of diagnosis.'
Immune Monitoring Shared Resource definition: The Immune Monitoring Shared Resource provides support to Cancer Center investigators in Immune status evaluation techniques including autoMACS magnetic bead cell separation, cell proliferation assays, cytokine assays, leukocyte subset C217
Immunoelectron Microscopy Shared Facility definition: The Immunoelectron Microscopy Shared Resource provides support to Cancer Center investigators in ultrastructural analysis by conventional electron microscopy in conjunction with immunolocalization techniques, including ultra-cryomicrotomy, and internal antigens immuno-labeling.
In Situ Hybridization Shared Resource definition: The In Situ Hybridization Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with histological review and interpretation of immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization studies of human and experimental animal solid tumor specimens.
Mass'spectrometry Shared Resource definition: Mass Spectrometry Shared Resource provides support to cancer researchers in structural studies of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, drug-DNA complexes, and complex carbohydrates. It provides molecular weight information on biomolecules, confirms the structure of expressed proteins and detects post-translational modifications, confirms the identity of synthetic peptides, detect and characterizes synthetic intermediates, identifies proteins in gel tryptic digests, screens proteins and peptides for purity.
Media Preparation Shared Resource definition: The Media Preparation Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with a quality-controlled supply of culture media, reagents, and preparations.
Microarray Shared Resource definition: The Microarray Shared Resource supports Cancer Center research activity performing gene expression profiling in which the activity of many thousands of genes is measured simultaneously. The Resource provides biochemical, hybridization, and scanning services, genome-wide SNP analysis and resequencing analysis, consultation in experimental design and data mining.
Molecular Biology Shared Resource definition: Molecular Biology Shared Resource provides molecular biology services to the Cancer Center investigators including automated DNA sequencing, DNA and peptide synthesis, protein sequencing, amino acid analysis, BIAcore protein ligand assays, and mass spectrometry.
Molecular Imaging Shared Resource definition: The Molecular Imaging Shared Resource develops imaging reagents and methods that can be widely applied, develops imaging instruments, translates imaging methods to human studies, identifies biological pathways and organs for disease-specific change targeting.'
Monoclonal Antibody Production Shared Resource definition: The Monoclonal Antibody Production Shared Resource is responsible for monoclonal antibody generation and production, provides other antibody-related products and services to support basic research and clinical projects at Cancer Center, and conducts research on the development of related novel immunological techniques.
Mouse Pathology Shared Resource definition: The Mouse Pathology Shared Resource provides histologic and hematopoietic research support services to Cancer Center investigators and others studying the pathogenesis and treatment of organ and hematologic malignancies in mouse models of human cancer.
Proteomics Shared Resource definition: Proteomics Shared Resource provides analysis and characterization of natural and recombinant proteins and candidate drugs and protein expression and profiling analysis using a combination of technologies: mass mapping and identification of unknown proteins from databases, HPLC-MS identification of components of macromolecular complexes, identification of sites of posttranslational modifications, sequencing, and screening techniques.
Protocol Development Shared Resource definition: The Protocol Development Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with support in clinical and experimental research protocol development, including protocol content and form, sample size and patient safety related issues, and cost estimates to aid in budget development.
Radiolabeling Shared Resource definition: Radiolabeling Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with support in preparation of radiolabeled reagents (proteins, peptides, hormones, oligonucleotides, antibodies, etc.) for in vitro and in vivo human and animal models studies, and is responsible for analysis of radiolabeled reagents for purity, specificity, structural integrity, degree of isotope binding, reactivity, and quality control. The resource assists in the preparation of Investigational New Drug applications to FDA on promising radiolabeled compounds for application in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Analytical Biochemistry Shared Resource definition: The Analytical Biochemistry Shared Resource provides chemistry services featuring mass spectrometry, chromatography, organic synthesis, and analytical biochemistry. It serves as a center of expertise for a full range of chemical and biochemical services in support of the cancer research.
Chromatography Shared Resource definition: Chromatography Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with support in the development of chromatography-based analytical methods and scanning calorimetry in studies of cancer and drug development.
Clinical Informatics Shared Resource definition: The Clinical Informatics Shared Resource provides database and application support to the clinical research programs in Cancer Center including overall informatics support for clinical operations, patient registry services, development of clinical trials management applications, laboratory information management applications, privacy protection components necessary to maintain HIPAA-compliant research information services, storage, archival and other informatics services.
Cloning Laboratory Shared Resource definition: The Cloning Laboratory Shared Resource provides restriction enzymes, DNA and RNA modification enzymes, host cell lines, kits, cloning and expression vectors, competent cells, molecular weight markers, and other chemicals and reagents for Cancer Center research projects in the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry.
Computer Service Shared Resource definition: The Computer Service Shared Resource provides Cancer Center members with the technical support related to computer issues: desktop computer assistance, upgrades, hardware and software related problems, problems maintenance of file/mail/Internet servers, security and backup systems, computer purchase assistance, network topology, operations management, data base administration, Web site development.
Experimental Pathology Shared Resource definition: The Experimental Pathology Shared Service provides Cancer Center investigators with access to histotechnology and pathology services including but not limited to routine histologic evaluation, enzyme histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, and autoradiography for diagnosis or characterization of tissue sections obtained from animal models.
Fermentation Shared Resource definition: The Fermentation Shared Resource provides services for custom production, purification, and maintenance of microorganisms, microbial products, and other plant and animal cells for use in cancer research by Cancer Center investigators.
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource definition: The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with following support: analytical flow cytometry, sorting of cell subpopulations utilizing various criteria, such as intrinsic cell properties, e.g. DNA content, Green Fluorescent Protein, or extrinsic properties, such as molecular markers identified by fluorescently-labelled monoclonal antibodies, automated magnetic cell sorting. The resource operates, maintains, and upgrades instrumentation for flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting, advises in the design of experiments and contributes consultation in analysis of data.
Fly Facility Shared Resource definition: The Fly Facility Shared Resource provides housing for collection of the standard wild type and mutant strains of Drosophila melanogaster and all services related to maintenance of fly stocks.
Genomics Shared Resource definition: The Genomics Shared Resource provides Cancer Center researchers with support in areas of genetic and molecular biological analysis including DNA, RNA isolation, custom genotyping of structural genes, regulatory sequences, and non-coding segments, gene expression assays, library manipulation and construction, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and consultation services related to the above.
Genomics and Proteomics Shared Resource definition: The Genomics and Proteomics Shared Resource is an integrated resource that provides genomic and proteomic technologies to the Cancer Center investigators for basic and clinical research applications including DNA and RNA isolation, DNA sequencing, serial analysis of gene expression library production, SNP genotyping, STRP genotyping, microarray analysis, quantitative RT-PCR, protein identification and sequencing and profiling.
Glasswashing and Sterilization Shared Resource definition: The Glasswashing and Sterilization Shared Resource perform the preparation of clean sterile regular and special needs glassware for Cancer Center laboratories.
Irradiation Shared Resource definition: The Irradiation Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with support in the following areas: cell, tumor, specimen, animal irradiation for studies of radiobiologic mechanisms or to suppress immune responses in experimental animals, as well as to sterilize various cell, vaccine and drug preparations; radiotherapy models development and treatment planning, laser and photodynamic therapy, in vivo imaging, in vivo fluorescent imaging, atomic absorption spectroscopy, DNA damage and other radiation assays, safety training and dosimetry measurements.
Laboratory Animal Shared Resource definition: The Laboratory Animal Shared Resource is responsible for the supply, use, husbandry, and experimental model selection and development of laboratory animals utilized by the research programs at Cancer Center. The resource provides direction on appropriate techniques, strains or animal models to use in research protocols, maintains a pathogen-free environment, health surveillance, quarantine, full-panel testing and genetic monitoring for experimental animals.
Machine'shop Shared Resource definition: The Machine Shop Shared is available at Cancer Center to provide machining services, sheet metal work, wood work, welding, and consulting in support of the research activities.
Nude Mouse Shared Resource definition: The Nude Mouse Shared Resource provides immunodeficient mice to Cancer Center investigators, appropriate housing and maintenance for these animals, as well as technical expertise and barrier working laboratories for in vivo experiments.
Nutrition Shared Resource definition: The Nutrition Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with support in dietary and nutritional assessment and monitoring, including quantitative measurements of biochemical indicators of diet and other biomarkers in blood and other biological samples, for research that address nutritional or dietary factors in cancer prevention and treatment. The resource provides counseling service for promoting dietary change, surveys, and meta-analyses of available data.
Oligonucleotide Synthesis Shared Resource definition: Oligonucleotide Synthesis Shared Resource provides Cancer Center members with custom chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides of defined sequence.
Optical Microscopy Shared Resource definition: The Optical Microscopy Shared resource provides support for Cancer Center investigators in identification relevant methods for imaging study, and assists researchers with experimental design, image acquisition, training, technical support, and data interpretation.
Other Informatics Shared Resource definition: Other Informatics Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators with types of informatics support that are not listed as provided by other informatics shared resources.
Pharmaceutical Research Shared Resource definition: The Pharmaceutical Research Shared Resource provides support to Cancer Center investigators involved in clinical research related to anticancer therapy with maintaining drug accountability records and investigational drug inventories according to FDA guidelines. The resource provides design consultation, professional staff education, implementation and report completion services for clinical studies, adverse drug reaction reports evaluation to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies.
Pharmacology Shared Resource definition: The Pharmacology Shared Resource provides Cancer Center investigators conducting preclinical and clinical studies with analytical and technical pharmacology support in the areas of sample handling and tracking, pharmacokinetic modeling, drug-drug interaction, pharmacodynamics, drug assays, in vitro toxicity assays and molecular analysis of tumor tissue; human safety issues, adverse reactions risk evaluation and management, chemotherapy monitoring; assistance in study design, optimal sampling techniques and data interpretation.
Shared Anti-Idiotype AB-S002 definition: A monoclonal antibody directed against a specific tumor-associated antigen (TAA). (NCI04)
Shared Anti-Idiotype-AB-S003 definition: A monoclonal antibody directed against a specific tumor-associated antigen (TAA). (NCI04)
Shared Anti-Idiotype-AB-S004 definition: A monoclonal antibody directed against a specific tumor-associated antigen (TAA). (NCI04)
Shared Anti-Idiotype-AB-S005 definition: A monoclonal antibody directed against a specific tumor-associated antigen (TAA). (NCI04)
Shared Anti-Idiotype-AB-S006 definition: A murine monoclonal anti-idiotype antibody that targets human B-cell lymphomas with potential antineoplastic activity. Shared Anti-Id-Ab-S006 binds to antigens on neoplastic B cells, resulting in tumor cell destruction by the reticuloendothelial system or cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). (NCI04)
Shared Anti-Idiotype-AB-S008A definition: A monoclonal antibody directed against a specific tumor-associated antigen (TAA). (NCI04)
Shared Resource Cancer Center definition: The Shared Resources and Facilities of Cancer Centers are defined as centralized facilities and services that have been structured to fulfill the needs of the multi-disciplinary research programs. The facilities and resources have been designed to enhance on-going research by supplying information, reagents, equipment, and technical expertise that are not readily available to the individual investigator, and to enhance research productivity, foster scientific collaborations, and increase organizational and administrative cohesiveness.
Shared definition: Have in common; held or experienced in common.
Receptors, Interleukin-4, Type II definition: An interleukin receptor subtype found on both hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells. It is a membrane-bound heterodimer that contains the INTERLEUKIN-4 RECEPTOR ALPHA SUBUNIT and the INTERLEUKIN-13 RECEPTOR ALPHA1 SUBUNIT. Although commonly referred to as the interleukin-4 type-II receptor this receptor has specificity for both INTERLEUKIN-4 and INTERLEUKIN-13