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Allosteric Site definition: A site on an enzyme which upon binding of a modulator, causes the enzyme to undergo a conformational change that may alter its catalytic or binding properties.
allosteric site definition: enzyme site which binds molecule other than substrate, thereby regulating enzyme activity.
Binding Sites definition: The parts of a macromolecule that directly participate in its specific combination with another molecule.
binding site definition: reactive portion of a macromolecule that directly participates in its specific combination with another molecule.
geographic site definition: header term for any geographic location; for D43 grants, and R03 TW grants (Fogarty International Center awards), index specific country when possible.
Geographic Locations definition: All of the continents and every country situated within, the UNITED STATES and each of the constituent states arranged by region, CANADA and each of its provinces, AUSTRALIA and each of its states, the major bodies of water and major islands on both hemispheres, and selected major cities. Although the geographic locations are not printed in INDEX MEDICUS as main headings, in indexing they are significant in epidemiologic studies and historical articles and for locating administrative units in education and the delivery of health care.
Geographic Area definition: Any demarcated area of the Earth; may be determined by both natural and human boundaries.
Neoplasms by Site definition: A collective term for precoordinated organ/neoplasm headings locating neoplasms by organ, as BRAIN NEOPLASMS; DUODENAL NEOPLASMS; LIVER NEOPLASMS; etc.
Workplace definition: Place or physical location of work or employment.
work site definition: location or environment where an individual is employed; e.g. office, laboratory, building, warehouse, etc.
Worksite definition: Place or physical location of work or employment.
work place definition: An office address. First choice for business related contacts during business hours.
Site definition: A position in relation to its surroundings.
active site definition: molecular location on an enzyme where substrate binds and catalysis occurs.
Active Site definition: The catalytic site of an enzyme, the part of an enzyme where the actual enzymatic function is performed.
Application Site definition: The anatomic site at which medical intervention is administered.
Implantation Site definition: The anatomic site at which a tissue, graft, or radioactive material is inserted. This term may also refer to the site of the uterus at which the early embryo is attached.
Incision Site definition: The anatomic site of a cut made during surgery. The term may also refer to the resultant scar from the surgical procedure.
Catalytic Domain definition: The region of an enzyme that interacts with its substrate to cause the enzymatic reaction.
Chromosome Fragile Sites definition: Specific loci that show up during KARYOTYPING as a gap (an uncondensed stretch in closer views) on a CHROMATID arm after culturing cells under specific conditions. These sites are associated with an increase in CHROMOSOME FRAGILITY. They are classified as common or rare, and by the specific culture conditions under which they develop. Fragile site loci are named by the letters "FRA" followed by a designation for the specific chromosome, and a letter which refers to which fragile site of that chromosome (e.g. FRAXA refers to fragile site A on the X chromosome. It is a rare, folic acid-sensitive fragile site associated with FRAGILE X SYNDROME.)
Chromosome Fragile Site definition: Heritable sensitive regions of chromosomes which show up in vitro as non-staining bands. They are associated with chromosome breakage and other aberrations. No abnormal phenotype has been definitely identified with autosomal fragile sites, but some rare autosomal recessive disorders may be due to homozygosity for fragile sites. A fragile site on the X chromosome is associated with Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile sites are designated by the letters "fra" followed by the designation for the specific chromosome and locus.
Ligand Binding Domain definition: A Binding Site Domain is a region of protein that physically interacts stereospecifically, and usually at high affinity, with a specific ligand, substrate, or a specific domain of some complex target biomolecule, such as a protein, lipid, carbohydrate, or nucleic acid. Typically, but not necessarily, the interaction results in protein conformational alteration and functional modification.
Biopsy Site definition: The anatomic site targeted for a biopsy procedure.
Myristic Acylation Site definition: It refers to amino acid residue within a peptide that accepts covalent linkage of fatty acid, myristoyl group (C13H27-) as one of the co-translational modifications. N-myristoylation, catalyzed by N-myristoyltransferase, is the amide modification of proteins by the addition of a myristoyl group to an N-terminal glycine residue. (NCI)
Anatomic Site definition: Named locations of or within the body.
Nonexchangeable Site definition: A binding site where a ligand is permanently bound.
Palmitic Acylation Site definition: It refers to amino acid residue within a peptide that accepts fatty acid, palmitoyl group (C15H31-)as one of the reversible post-translational modifications. Protein palmitoylation is a thioester bond between palmitoyl-CoA and cysteine thiol. (NCI)
Phosphorylation Site definition: Generally refers to amino acids residues that were covalently modified by phosphate group (PO4-). (NCI)
accident site definition: Location of an accident where healthcare service was delivered, such as a roadside.
Cloning Site definition: The specific restriction enzyme site within a vector into which an insert was placed.
Methylation Site definition: A sequence in DNA that can be recognized by a specific methylase enzyme and that contains the specific base target for methyl transfer.
Clinical Study Site definition: A healthcare organization, an institution, a facility, a healthcare provider, or a part or a constituent of any of the above entities directly involved in conducting a particular clinical study.
Infusion Site definition: The anatomic site through which fluid is introduced into the body.
Injury Site definition: The anatomic site at which damage or harm was suffered.
Microchip Site definition: The anatomic site at which a microchip is implanted.
Exteriorization Site definition: The site of the surgical exposure of an internal organ or tissue.
Injection Site definition: The anatomic site at which a medication or a vaccine is injected.
abandoned site definition: [1] Altlast, stillgelegter Abladungsplatz
site definition: [1] Stelle, Platz, Ort
building site definition: [1] der Bauplatz, die Baustelle
site definition: Emplacement.
site definition: Endroit, lieu, localité, place.
site definition: Local, place.
campground definition: Camp.
Ort definition: [1] lokalisierbarer, begrenzter Platz, definierte Stelle (punktförmig oder ausgedehnt) auf einer Fläche oder im Raum [2] Plural 1: geografisch definierte Siedlung [3] Plural 1: die Bevölkerung von [2] [4] ''Plural 1, auch
Lage definition: [1] Stelle, an der etwas liegt [2] Art wie etwas liegt [3] Sport: beim Fechten kurz für Klingenlage [4] Schicht [5] momentane Umstände/Verhältnisse [6] Akustik: Bereich [7] Musik: Teil des Notenumfangs [8] Soldatensprache: Verbleibende Dienstzeit eines Soldaten (angegeben in Tagen) [9] Sport: Schwimmstil (meist Plural) [10] Buchwesen: den einzelnen aus mehreren (oft acht) gefalzten und ineinandergelegten Papierblättern bestehenden, zum Binden vorgesehenen Teil eines Buches [11] "Musik:'' Lage der linken Hand auf dem Griffbrett bei Streich- und Zupfinstrumenten
Baustelle definition: [1] Ort, an dem etwas errichtet wird
Campingplatz definition: [1] ein Platz für Zelte oder Wohnwagen
Altlast definition: [1] Belastung, die aus früherer Zeit stammt und ihre Wirkung bis in die Gegenwart trägt [2] übriggebliebene, gesundheits- oder umweltgefährdende Substanzen die durch menschliches Einwirken entstanden sind [3] Gebiet, Areal oder Terrain, das mit gesundheits- oder umweltgefährdendem Material belastet beziehungsweise verseucht ist und dadurch nicht mehr, oder nur eingeschränkt, nutzbar ist [4] in Kontaktanzeigen Dinge, die eine neue Beziehung belasten könnten oder für eine solche unerwünscht sind
Situs definition: [1] Anatomie: :[a] Lage der Organe in einem Organismus und ihre Stellung zueinander :[b] Lage des Fetus in der Gebärmutter [2] Soziologie: Tätigkeitsbereich von Personen mit gleicher Stellung in der sozialen Hierarchie
paratge definition: [1] der Ort, die Platz, die Stelle [2] die Landschaft [3] veraltet: das Geschlecht, der Stamm
endroit definition: Partie bien déterminée d’un espace, d’une chose ou d’un corps.
endroit definition: Partie, coté d’un objet à deux faces qu'on devrait regarder en premier.
site definition: Situation du lieu ou du terrain où s'élèvent une ville, un village, une station, un monument, etc., manière dont l'objet géographique se situe dans le lieu qu'il occupe par rapport à son environnement immédiat.
site definition: Partie pittoresque d’un paysage.
site definition: Ensemble de documents et d’applications placés sous une même autorité et accessibles par la toile à partir d’une même adresse universelle.
camping definition: Activité consistant à vivre dans une tente, une caravane, un camping-car ou tout autre équipement destiné à la vie de plein-air.
camping definition: Terrain aménagé pour cette activité. Ellipse de ''terrain de camping''.
paysage definition: Étendue de territoire que l’on peut voir.
paysage definition: Désigne des ensembles d'éléments ayant une cohérence entre eux.
paysage definition: Figuration peinte ou dessinée oú le sujet porte sur la nature (forêts, montagnes, champs, cascades, rivières…) et oú les figures (hommes, animaux) et les constructions sont accessoires.
paysage definition: Format normalisé de châssis et de toiles, en principe Description d’un aspect de nature.
paysage definition: Métaphore faisant allusion aux sentiments, au caractère d’une personne.
emplacement definition: Espace de terrain considéré comme propre à y construire un bâtiment, à y tracer un jardin, à y exercer un commerce ou une industrie, etc.
localité definition: Lieu habité.
localité definition: Petite ville, village, etc.
site miroir definition: Site internet qui reproduit automatiquement le contenu d'un autre site.