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Blood Glucose definition: Glucose in blood.
blood glucose definition: levels of glucose found in the blood.
Carbohydrates definition: The largest class of organic compounds, including STARCH; GLYCOGEN; CELLULOSE; POLYSACCHARIDES; and simple MONOSACCHARIDES. Carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a ratio of Cn(H2O)n.
carbohydrate definition: largest class of organic compounds, including starches, glycogens, cellulose, gums, and simple sugars; carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a ratio of Cn(H2O)n.
Carbohydrate definition: The largest class of organic compounds, including starches, glycogens, cellulose, gums, and simple sugars. Carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a ratio of Cn(H2O)n. (MeSH)
Fructose definition: A monosaccharide in sweet fruits and honey that is soluble in water, alcohol, or ether. It is used as a preservative and an intravenous infusion in parenteral feeding.
fructose definition: six carbon sugar that is a component of a number of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, generally the sweetest and most readily absorbed, found naturally in sweet fruits and honey.
Fructose definition: A hexose with a keto group, also called a keto-hexose. Aside from the keto group, each of the 5 remaining carbons has one hydroxyl group, in the S,R, and R configuration counting from the first hydroxyl containing asymmetric carbon next to the ketone in the straight chain (=Fisher) projection. All other carbons are bound to hydrogen exclusively. Occurs mostly as furan and rarely as pyran or straight chain. When fructose forms a ring an additional ""anomeric"" asymmetric carbon is created which is denoted as ""alpha"" or ""beta"". For isomers see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/fructose.
Monosaccharides definition: Simple sugars, carbohydrates which cannot be decomposed by hydrolysis. They are colorless crystalline substances with a sweet taste and have the same general formula CnH2nOn. (From Dorland, 28th ed)
monosaccharide definition: simple sugar; a carbohydrate which cannot be decomposed by hydrolysis, consisting of a colorless crystalline substance having a sweet taste and the general formula n(CH2O).
Monosaccharide definition: A carbohydrate which cannot be reduced to smaller units by hydrolysis; it is the simplest structural form of a carbohydrate.
Polyisoprenyl Phosphate Sugars definition: Compounds functioning as activated glycosyl carriers in the biosynthesis of glycoproteins and glycophospholipids. They include the polyisoprenyl pyrophosphates.
Sugar Alcohols definition: Polyhydric alcohols having no more than one hydroxy group attached to each carbon atom. They are formed by the reduction of the carbonyl group of a sugar to a hydroxyl group.(From Dorland, 28th ed)
sugar alcohol definition: all sugars are alcohols by virtue of their hydroxy groups, but this term applies to those which have gained a hydroxy group by reduction of a keto or acid group.
Beta vulgaris definition: A species of the Beta genus. Cultivars are used as a source of beets (root) or chard (leaves).
sugar binding definition: Interacting selectively with any mono-, di- or trisaccharide carbohydrate. [GOC:jl, ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"]
sugar definition: [1] Zucker - weißes, kristallines Kohlenhydrat, das als Süß- und Konservierungsstoff verwendet wird;
amino sugar definition: [1] Chemie: Aminozucker
sugar definition: Sucre (''épice'').
sugar definition: Chéri, chérie.
Zucker definition: [1] :[a] ein aus Pflanzen gewonnenes, süß schmeckendes Nahrungsmittel :[b] Chemie: kristalliner, in Wasser gut löslicher, chemischer Stoff, der aus Sacchariden besteht [2] ohne Plural :[a] ein im Medizinerjargon verwendetes Kurzwort für Blutzuckerspiegel :[b] umgangssprachliches Kurzwort für Zuckerkrankheit (Diabetes mellitus)
Würfelzucker definition: [1] zu würfel- oder quaderförmigen Stücken gepresster Zucker [2] das Unicode-Zeichen U+FFFD (dezimal: 65 533) „REPLACEMENT CHARACTER“, Ersatz für nicht darstellbare Zeichen (wird in Programmen der Firma Microsoft als Rechteck dargestellt)
Glucose definition: [1] chemisch: Traubenzucker
Zuckerrohr definition: [1] Botanik: eine Pflanze, die der Familie der Süßgräser angehört
Traubenzucker definition: [1] ein Monosaccharid (Einfachzucker) und gehört zu den Kohlenhydraten. [2] Nahrungsmittel aus Einfachzucker
Dextrose definition: [1] Dextrose ist ein Einfachzucker und gehört zu den Kohlenhydraten.
zuckern definition: [1] mit Zucker süßen; Zucker hinzufügen
Rohrzucker definition: [1] aus Zuckerrohr gewonnener Haushaltszucker
Aminozucker definition: [1] Chemie: ein Einfachzucker, bei dem zumindest eine Hydroxylgruppe durch eine Aminogruppe ersetzt ist
socker definition: [1] Zucker
ईख definition: [1] Zuckerrohr
चीनी definition: [1] Zucker
suka definition: [1] der Zucker
cukier definition: Substance alimentaire de saveur douce et agréable le plus souvent sous forme cristallisée extrait notamment de la canne à sucre et de la betterave. Son nom chimique est le saccharose.
sugár definition: Rayon.
bebeluş definition: Bébé
érablière definition: Forêt ou plantation d’érables.
érablière definition: Établissement servant à exploiter une forêt ou une plantation d’érables dans le but d’en tirer des produits de l'érable.
barboute definition: Moscouade chargée de sirop, gros grain de sucre à refondre.
sugar daddy definition: Homme d'un certain âge qui entretient un amant ou une amante très jeune.
betteravier definition: Producteur de betteraves.