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sulfonate definition: any compound of the type R-SO3-.
Alkanesulfonates definition: Organic esters or salts of sulfonic acid derivatives containing an aliphatic hydrocarbon radical.
Alkylsulfonate Compound definition: Organic esters or salts of sulfonic acid derivatives containing an aliphatic hydrocarbon radical. (MeSH)
Ethyl Methanesulfonate definition: An antineoplastic agent with alkylating properties. It also acts as a mutagen by damaging DNA and is used experimentally for that effect.
Ethyl Methanesulfonate definition: A sulfonoxyalkane with carcinogenic and teratogenic properties. Ethyl methanesulfonate ethylates DNA, thereby damaging DNA and leading to genetic mutations, single-stranded breaks in DNA, and chromosomal aberrations. Ethyl methanesulfonate may be used experimentally in biomedical research. (NCI04)
Methyl Methanesulfonate definition: An alkylating agent in cancer therapy that may also act as a mutagen by interfering with and causing damage to DNA.
Methyl Methanesulfonate definition: A stable, colorless, combustible liquid that emits toxic fumes of sulfoxide when heated to decomposition. Methyl methanesulfonate is used for laboratory purposes as a catalyst in chemical synthesis and has been tested clinically as a cancer chemotherapeutic agent. This substance is an alkylating agent and acts as a mutagen by altering and damaging DNA and is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. (NCI05)
Polyanetholesulfonate definition: A compound originally developed as an anticoagulant, but possessing anticomplement action and lowering the bactericidal action of blood. It is used in vitro to inhibit blood coagulation and as a diagnostic reagent to encourage the growth of pathogens in the blood. It is also used to stabilize colloidal solutions such as milk and gelatin. (From Merck Index, 11th ed)
Unithiol definition: A chelating agent used as an antidote to heavy metal poisoning.
methane sulfonate definition: corrosive, toxic acid or its salts or esters, used as a catalyst and as a solvent.
ALIZARIN SULFONATE, CALCIUM definition: A calcium test system is a device intended to measure the total calcium level in serum. Calcium measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of parathyroid disease, a variety of bone diseases, chronic renal disease and tetany (intermittent muscular contractions or spasms).