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Goals definition: The end-result or objective, which may be specified or required in advance.
Objective definition: A goal or aim to be accomplished or attained.
mTOR protein definition: mammalian target of rapamycin; governs cell growth and proliferation by mediating the mitogen- and nutrient-dependent signal transduction that regulates messenger RNA translation.
axon target recognition definition: The process by which an axon recognizes and binds to a set of cells with which it may form stable connections. [ISBN:0878932437]
melanotic encapsulation of foreign target definition: Formation of a multilayered, melanized sheath of cells around a foreign invader. [GOC:bf]
encapsulation of foreign target definition: Events resulting in the formation of a multilayered cellular sheath surrounding an invader and thus preventing its development. This defense mechanism is often seen in insects in response to nematodes or parasitoids, which are too large to be phagocytosed by individual hemocytes. In some organisms the capsule is blackened due to melanization. [GO_REF:0000022, GOC:bf, GOC:mtg_15nov05, PMID:11846478, PMID:12225920]
Candidate Disease Gene definition: A gene proposed to have a primary role in a disease, based upon its known function in other organisms or model systems or based upon its physical proximity to markers linked to a genetic disease.
FRAP1 Gene definition: This gene plays a role in apoptosis, cell growth, differentiation and proliferation.
Molecular Target definition: Every point of difference between premalignant or malignant cells and their normal counterparts is a potential target of opportunity for drug discovery - a molecular target of prevention or treatment.
Molecular Target Discovery Grants definition: Proposed mechanism for providing resources for "mechanisms" researchers to provide evidence that a proposed new cancer relevant molecule is a good target for drug discovery. (Bypass Budget)
mTOR Inhibitor definition: Any agents that inhibit mTOR (FK506 binding protein 12-rapamycin associated protein 1), one of the protein kinases mediate cellular responses to stresses such as DNA damage and nutrient deprivation. mTOR acts as the target for the cell-cycle arrest and immunosuppressive effects of the FKBP12-rapamycin complex.
Non-Target definition: Other than the one for which something is done.
Target definition: An object fixed as a goal or point of examination; something to point at; a destination.
direct target definition: Target that is substantially present in the service and which is directly affected by the service action (includes consumed material, devices, etc.).
record target definition: The record target indicates whose medical record holds the documentation of this act. This is especially important when the subject of a service is not the patient himself.
coverage target definition: The target participation for an individual in a health care coverage act in which the target role is either the policy holder of the coverage, or a covered party under the coverage.
indirect target definition: Target that is not substantially present in the act and which is not directly affected by the act, but which will be a focus of the record or documentation of the act.
Has_Target definition: Connects a drug or other agent to a clinically intended, molecular-scale target. The target value may be a gene, gene product, anatomic structure, biological process, or other concept, where the effect of the agent on the target is thought to be of therapeutic, diagnostic, or other clinical relevance to a disease process. The effect is most often direct, as defined at a molecular scale, but may also be indirect and/or defined at a larger scale.
Clinical Study Targeted Accrual definition: A total number of subjects needed for the entire clinical study. The final sample size documented in the study protocol.
Targeted Accrual definition: The final sample size that must be attained according to the study protocol.
target definition: [1] Schießscheibe, Zielscheibe [2] Ziel [3] Soll, Planziffer, (Produktion)
sales target definition: [1] Verkaufsziel
target practice definition: [1] Schießübung
target definition: Cible.
target definition: But, dessein.
target definition: Enjeu.
Ziel definition: [1] Ausrichtung oder Endpunkt einer Bestrebung [2] Objekt, das von einem Geschoss getroffen werden soll.
Scheibe definition: [1] allgemein: rundes, flaches Etwas [2] Verglasung eines Fensters [3] abgeschnittenes Stück (z.B. von einer Wurst) [4] Schallplatte, CD, DVD oder Ähnliches [5] Fläche, auf die beim Sport- und Übungssschießen gezielt wird
anvisieren definition: [1] mit einer Waffe zielen [2] übertragen: ein Ziel setzen
Zielscheibe definition: [1] ein Objekt, das bei Schießübungen mit dem Geschoss getroffen werden soll
but definition: Objectif.
but definition: Cage dans laquelle on doit mettre la balle pour marquer, et
but definition: Le fait de marquer.
but definition: Point que l’on vise.
cible definition: Sorte de planche servant de but pour le tir à l’arc ou avec des armes à feu.
cible definition: But d'un tir sans arme, d'une malveillance, etc.
cible definition: But, objectif, public visé, particulièrement par une campagne publicitaire.
cible definition: Point de mire, personne ou objet concentrant l'attention, les moqueries, etc.
dessein definition: Intention d’exécuter quelque chose, projet.
dessein definition: Projet, plan d’un ouvrage.
dessein definition: Conception d'une œuvre à réaliser avec un objectif donné.