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Templates, Genetic definition: Macromolecular molds for the synthesis of complementary macromolecules, as in DNA REPLICATION; GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of DNA to RNA, and GENETIC TRANSLATION of RNA into POLYPEPTIDES.
TEMPLATE definition: A template for clinical use is a device that consists of a pattern or guide intended for medical purposes, such as selecting or positioning orthopedic implants or guiding the marking of tissue before cutting.
Phosphatase 2A Inhibitor I2PP2A definition: Expressed by human SET Gene (NAP Family) in all tissues and responsive to serum factors, contact inhibition, or differentiation, 277-aa 32-kDa nuclear Phosphatase 2A Inhibitor I2PP2A is a specific inhibitor of PP2A that may be involved in intracellular signaling after ligand activation of HLA class II molecules. Serine phosphorylated SET has a long acidic C-terminus and SET domain. Located in an ER-associated complex containing pp32, HMG2, and APE1, SET is a specific inhibitor of GZMA-activated DNase/nucleoside diphosphate kinase (GAAD/NM23H1), which mediates GZMA-induced caspase-independent apoptosis characterized by single-stranded DNA nicks. GZMA cleavage of SET releases NM23H1 from bound inhibition to SET and results in SET degradation, NM23H1 translocation to the nucleus, and NM23H1 nicking of DNA. (NCI)
telomeric template RNA reverse transcriptase activity definition: Catalysis of the extension of the 3' end of a DNA strand by one deoxynucleotide at a time. Cannot initiate a chain de novo; uses the RNA subunit of the telomerase enzyme complex as its template. [EC:, PMID:11812242]
template for synthesis of G-rich strand of telomere DNA activity definition: Provision of the template used by reverse transcriptase to synthesize the G-rich strand of telomeric DNA. [PMID:11812242]
Anatomical entity template definition: Biological entity, which forms the whole or a part of, or is an attribute of, the structural organization of a biological organism. Examples: cell, heart, head, peritoneal cavity, apex of lung, anatomical term, sagittal plane.
SET Gene definition: This gene is involved in apoptosis, biogenesis, DNA replication and nuclear organization.
Protocol Forms Template definition: The description and the values of the components comprising Case Report forms.
Template definition: Something that establishes or serves as a pattern for reference; a form, mold, or pattern used as a guide to making something.
Micellar Template-Mediated Nanoparticle Synthesis definition: Creation of a template utilized in the preparation of certain nanoparticles. The polar heads of long chain amphipathic molecules are attached to a physical support. The non-polar tails serve as a template for nanoparticle synthesis.
template definition: [1] allgemein: (Zeichen-) Schablone, Vorlage [2] besonders in der Informatik: Vorlage, Template :[a] speziell in der Programmiersprache C++: Eine Klasse oder ein Klassenmember, die eine ungebundene Typvariable enthalten und damit generisch sind.
template definition: Gabarit, calibre, patron, réglette, modèle.
stencil definition: Modèle, patron.
Vorlage definition: [1] Ein Hilfsmittel zur Erstellung ähnlicher Stücke (materiell oder informatisch). [2] Original, nach dem eine Nachahmung erstellt wurde. [3] Ein historisches oder literarisches Thema, das aufgegriffen und weiterverarbeitet wird (Thematik) [4] Ballspiel: Ein Pass, der den Angespielten eine große Chance bietet, ein Tor zu erzielen. [4a] Metaphorisch für [4]: In der Diskussion wird, meist unfreiwillig, mit einem Argument gleich das Gegenargument geliefert. Auch in der Politik für eine unverhoffte Chance. [5] Ein zur Beratung veröffentlichter Entwurf, z. B. eine Gesetzesvorlage,
template definition: Modèle de conception de logiciel ou de présentation des données.