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Pregnancy Complications, Infectious definition: The co-occurrence of pregnancy and an INFECTION. The infection may precede or follow FERTILIZATION.
pregnancy infection definition: pregnancy complications caused by microorganism infections; this term applies mainly to the mother and fetus, in contrast to CONGENITAL INFECTION, which applies mainly to the postnatal infant.
Area Under Curve definition: A statistical means of summarizing information from a series of measurements on one individual. It is frequently used in clinical pharmacology where the AUC from serum levels can be interpreted as the total uptake of whatever has been administered. As a plot of the concentration of a drug against time, after a single dose of medicine, producing a standard shape curve, it is a means of comparing the bioavailability of the same drug made by different companies. (From Winslade, Dictionary of Clinical Research, 1992)
Area Under Curve definition: The area between the x-axis and the curve given by the integrand. It is equal to the definite integral of a function. In the field of pharmacokinetics, the area under the curve (AUC) is the area under the curve in a plot of concentration of a drug in plasma against time. AUC is usually given for the time interval zero to infinity, and other time intervals are indicated.
zeichnen definition: [1]
kuschen definition: [1] sich unterwürfig verhalten
unter definition: [1] mit Dativ: tiefer als [2] zwischen [3] mit Dativ, zeitlich: Kennzeichnung eines Zeitraumes
unter- definition: [1] tiefer als Etwas anderes [2] unterlassen eines geplanten Vorhabens
تحت definition: [1] unter
chandelle definition: Cylindre combustible munie d'une mèche utilisé dans l'éclairage.
chandelle definition: Jeu d'enfants consistant en une ronde à l'extérieur de laquelle un enfant tourne et pose un témoin derrière quelqu'un.
chandelle definition: Coup de pied botté de sorte à passer à la verticale et donc hors de portée de la défense adverse. En termes de jeu de balle et de tennis, toute balle envoyée très haut et peu loin, avec peu de force.
chandelle definition: Colonne non coupée, du haut en bas d'une page d'un journal ou d'un magazine.
arrestation definition: Action d’arrêter quelqu’un pour l’emprisonner.
arrestation definition: État de celui qui est emprisonné.
under definition: Miracle.
under definition: Sous.
under definition: Pendant.