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UMLS Concept Unique Identifier definition: In the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) the concept unique identifier (CUI) is an 8-character identifier beginning with the letter "C" and followed by 7 digits. Each concept is assigned such a CUI. The CUI has no intrinsic meaning but remains constant through time and across versions.
Lexical Group Unique Identifier definition: A unique identifier of a group of lexically equivalent atoms. For English language entries in the Metathesaurus, each string is linked to all of its lexical variants or minor variations by means of a common term identifier (LUI). In the Metathesaurus, therefore, an English "term" is the group of all strings that are lexical variants of each other.
Serial Version Unique Identifier definition: Maintains a reference (via a proxy to the EVSManager).
Unique definition: The single one of its kind.
Universally Unique Identifier definition: A 128 bit identifier. Depending on the mechanism used to generate it, it is either guaranteed to be different from all other UUIDs/GUIDs generated until 3400 AD or extremely likely to be different. Its relatively small size lends itself well to sorting, ordering, and hashing of all sorts, storing in databases, simple allocation, and ease of programming in general.
Instance Unique Identifier definition: Data type unique identifier within a particular context.
Regulated Industry Unique Identifier definition: A unique identification number assigned to a specific regulated industry entity.
Regulatory Application Unique Identifier definition: A unique identifier assigned to a submitted application by the regulatory authority.
Regulatory Submission Unique Identifier definition: A unique identifier assigned to a submittion by the regulatory authority. Submission serial number, volume number, electronic folder, or file name are used as identifiers.
Subject Unique Identifier definition: A unique identifier assigned to each clinical trial subject to protect the subject's identity and used in lieu of the subject's name when the investigator reports adverse events and/or other trial-related data (ICH Guidelines).
Concept Unique Identifier definition: A unique identifier (code) assigned for each concept that belongs to a particular controlled terminology.
Unique Identifier definition: A set of characters used as a code that is unique in the context or the system for which it is created. It serves as a means of identification and reference (often instead of a name) for an entity, person, thing, function, procedure, activity, variable, or body of data.
unique definition: [1] das einzige seiner Art [2] von einer seltenen Qualität [3] ungewöhnlich
ugli fruit definition: Ugli (fruit).
Alleinstellungsmerkmal definition: [1] Marketing, Verkaufspsychologie: Einzigartigkeit verleihende Eigenschaft, individuelle Eigenschaft
einzigartig definition: [1]
Einzelkind definition: [1] Kind oder Jugendlicher ohne Geschwister
Einbahnstraße definition: [1] Straße, welche nur in einer Richtung befahrbaren werden darf
einzig definition: [1] etwas wird hervorgehoben, das nur einmal vorhanden ist [2] etwas das nur wenig vorhanden ist [3] etwas oder jemand ist selten oder unvergleichlich
unikales Morphem definition: [1] Linguistik: gebundenes Morphem (bzw. Morph), das nur mit einem einzigen anderen Morphem zusammen vorkommt.
singulier definition: Nombre qui désigne ce qui est en quantité unitaire.
singulier definition: Terme (ou groupe de termes) ayant ce nombre.
unique definition: Ce qui est à nul autre semblable.
fils unique definition: Quelqu'un qui n'a pas de frères ni de sœurs