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Wolbachia Utilizes Host Microtubules and Dynein for Anterior Localization in the Drosophila Oocyte

Patrick M Ferree et al.

PLoS Pathogens , 01 Oct 2005

Human Cytomegalovirus UL18 Utilizes US6 for Evading the NK and T-Cell Responses

Youngkyun Kim et al.

PLoS Pathogens , 01 Aug 2008

The OGF-OGFr axis utilizes the p21 pathway to restrict progression of human pancreatic cancer

Fan Cheng et al.

Molecular Cancer , 11 Jan 2008

A promoter probe vector (pJAC4) that utilizes the ampC beta-lactamase gene of Escherichia coli.

B Jaurin

Nucleic Acids Research , 26 Oct 1987

AINTEGUMENTA utilizes a mode of DNA recognition distinct from that used by proteins containing a single AP2 domain

Beth A. Krizek

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Apr 2003

The mouse RNase 4 and RNase 5/ang 1 locus utilizes dual promoters for tissue-specific expression

Kimberly D. Dyer et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 2005

The genomic HDV ribozyme utilizes a previously unnoticed U-turn motif to accomplish fast site-specific catalysis

Jana Sefcikova et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Mar 2007

Insulin utilizes the PI 3-kinase pathway to inhibit SP-A gene expression in lung epithelial cells

Olga L Miakotina et al.

Respiratory Research , 2002

Harnessing naturally randomized transcription to infer regulatory relationships among genes: ... is developed that utilizes randomized genotypes to ...

Lin S Chen et al.

Genome Biology , 2007

Deep sea sedimentation: ... are described. One utilizes variations in the ...

Pierre E. Biscaye

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Dec 1974

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