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Body aches, tender bones and rapid loss of weight: a case report

Hadda Vijay et al.

Cases Journal , 10 Jan 2009

Effects of tender point acupuncture on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) – a pragmatic trial

Kazunori Itoh et al.

Chinese Medicine , 25 Nov 2008

Three Proposals for Rewarding Novel Health Technologies Benefiting People Living in Poverty. A Comparative Analysis of Prize Funds, Health Impact Funds and a Cost-Effectiveness/Competitive Tender Treaty

Thomas Alured Faunce et al.

Public health ethics , 01 Jul 2008

Large tender abdominal aortic aneurysm presented with concomitant acute appendicitis: a case report

Ahmad Al Samaraee et al.

Cases Journal , 30 Jan 2009

Deterministic Mechanical Model of T-Killer Cell Polarization Reproduces the Wandering of Aim between Simultaneously Engaged Targets

Mun Ju Kim et al.

PLoS Computational Biology , 01 Jan 2009

Abatacept inhibits progression of structural damage in rheumatoid arthritis: results from the long-term extension of the AIM trial

H K Genant et al.

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases , 01 Aug 2008

Using the RE-AIM Framework to Evaluate a Physical Activity Intervention in Churches

Melissa Bopp et al.

Preventing Chronic Disease , 15 Sep 2007

Osteopontin is a potential target gene in mouse mammary cancer chemoprevention by Se-methylselenocysteine

Emmanual Unni et al.

Breast Cancer Research , 2004

Influence of increased target dose inhomogeneity on margins for breathing motion compensation in conformal stereotactic body radiotherapy

Anne Richter et al.

BMC Medical Physics , 03 Dec 2008

Similar group mean scores, but large individual variations, in patient-relevant outcomes over 2 years in meniscectomized subjects with and without radiographic knee osteoarthritis

Przemyslaw T Paradowski et al.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes , 27 Jul 2004

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