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wissenschaftlichen scientifically
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Betreuung (von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten) supervision
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Educational supervision of pre-registration house officers.

C. C. Doherty et al.

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Intensivist supervision of resident-placed central venous catheters decreases the incidence of catheter-related blood stream infections

Thomas J Papadimos et al.

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Improving quality of reproductive health care in Senegal through formative supervision: results from four districts

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Evaluating Niger's experience in strengthening supervision, improving availability of child survival drugs through cost recovery, and initiating training for Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI)

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BMC International Health and Human Rights , 23 Jul 2001

Tuberculosis Case Finding and Supervision *

H. R. Edwards

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Special issue on biopacemaking: clinically attractive, scientifically a challenge

Jacques M.T. Bakker et al.

Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing , 01 Feb 2007

The Board of Supervision and the Scottish parochial medical service, 1845-95.

S Blackden

Medical History , 01 Apr 1986

Can Routine Commercial Cord Blood Banking Be Scientifically and Ethically Justified?

Nicholas M Fisk et al.

PLoS Medicine , 01 Feb 2005

Lack of nutritional and functional effects of nutritional supervision by nurses: a quasi-experimental study in geriatric patients

Ingrid Poulsen et al.

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Case-control study on analgesics and nephropathy (SAN): protocol: ... (re-) training and supervision of interviewers, ...

Lothar AJ Heinemann et al.

BMC Nephrology , 08 Aug 2005

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