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Walter B. Cannon. The life and times of a young scientist

E. M. Tansey

Medical History , 01 Apr 1988

Paul Ehrlich as a commercial scientist and research administrator.

J Liebenau

Medical History , 01 Jan 1990

Sir Hans Sloane: collector, scientist, antiquary

Ken Arnold

Medical History , 01 Jan 1996

Sir Thomas Lewis: pioneer cardiologist and clinical scientist

Joel D Howell

Medical History , 01 Apr 1998

Research Advocacy: Why Every Scientist Should Participate

Elizabeth Marincola

PLoS Biology , 01 Dec 2003

I Am Not a Scientist, I Am a Number

Philip E. Bourne et al.

PLoS Computational Biology , 01 Dec 2008

A Scientist with Perry in Japan: The Journal of Dr. James Morrow

Geo. H. Smith

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 Jan 1948

Abraham Trembley of Geneva; Scientist and Philosopher, 1710-1784

Thomas R. Forbes

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 Apr 1954

Jared Eliot, Minister, Doctor, Scientist, and His Connecticut

Thomas R. Forbes

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 Feb 1968

On reductionism in biology: pillars, leaps, and the naïve behavioral scientist.

C. B. Ogbunugafor

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 May 2004

Le développement de la science à Genève aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles. Le cas d'une communauté scientifique


Medical History , 01 Oct 1976

Doctor Dunsel: Repressingly, a robot scientist can generate functional ...

Gregory A Petsko

Genome Biology , 2004

Student Journals: Facilitating Medical Student Research and Physician-Scientist Development

Steven Lin

McGill Journal of Medicine : MJM , 01 Jul 2006

The Common Scientist in the Seventeenth Century. A Study of the Dublin Philosophical Society 1683–1708

Marie Boas Hall

Medical History , 01 Jan 1972

Frontier doctor: William Beaumont, America's first great medical scientist

William G Rothstein

Medical History , 01 Jul 1997

John Alexander Sinton, V.C., F.R.S. Soldier, doctor and scientist.

A. Sachs

The Ulster Medical Journal , 1971

Surgeon, Scientist, Soldier – The life and times of Henry Wade 1876-1955


The Ulster medical journal , 01 Sep 2006

An Attempt to Interpret a Great Scientist's Contribution to Humanity through Medicine and Nursing

Annie W. Goodrich

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 Jul 1950

Jake, Leon O. Jacobson, M.D.: The Life and Work of a Distinguished Medical Scientist

Jane N. Kim

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 Mar 2006

The Clinician Scientist--an endangered species? Annual oration--Royal Victoria Hospital--5th October 1995.

I. V. Allen

The Ulster Medical Journal , 01 May 1996

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