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ruRussian enEnglish
1 word
другой additional
другой another
другой another one
другой different
другой else
другой other
другой remaining
другой rest of
другой unequal
другой variable
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ruRussian afAfrikaans
1 word
другой ander
ruRussian arArabic
1 word
другой مُتَبَايِن
другой مُتَفَاوِت
ruRussian caCatalan
1 word
другой altre
другой restant
ruRussian csCzech
1 word
другой jiný
другой ostatní
ruRussian daDanish
1 word
другой øvrig
ruRussian deGerman
1 word
другой andere
другой anderer
другой anderes
другой sonstig
другой sonstiger
другой unterschiedlich
другой übriger
ruRussian elGreek
1 word
другой άλλος
другой ακόμη
ruRussian eoEsperanto
1 word
другой alia
другой cetera
ruRussian esSpanish
1 word
другой demás
другой diferente
другой otro
другой restante
ruRussian fiFinnish
1 word
другой muu
другой toinen
ruRussian foFaroese
1 word
другой annar
другой hin
ruRussian frFrench
1 word
другой autre
другой différent
ruRussian fyFrisian
1 word
другой oar
другой oars
ruRussian gdScottish Gaelic
1 word
другой eile
ruRussian huHungarian
1 word
другой egyéb
другой különböző
другой különféle
другой más
другой másik
другой másmilyen
ruRussian idIndonesian
1 word
другой lain
ruRussian isIcelandic
1 word
другой annar
ruRussian itItalian
1 word
другой altro
ruRussian laLatin
1 word
другой alius
другой ceterus
ruRussian nlDutch
1 word
другой ander
другой overig
другой verder
ruRussian noNorwegian
1 word
другой annen
другой en anden
ruRussian ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
другой aute
ruRussian plPolish
1 word
другой inny
ruRussian ptPortuguese
1 word
другой diferente
другой diverso
другой outro
другой restante
ruRussian roRomanian
1 word
другой alt
другой încă
ruRussian sqAlbanian
1 word
другой tjetër
ruRussian svSwedish
1 word
другой annan
ruRussian swSwahili
1 word
другой -ingine
ruRussian tlTagalog
1 word
другой ibá
ruRussian trTurkish
1 word
другой başka
другой bir daha
другой diğer
другой diğer bir
ruRussian zhChinese
1 word
другой bùtóng
другой bùtóng de
другой gèbié
другой liǎngyàng
другой yǒu qūbié de
ruRussian zuZulu
1 word
другой -nye
anderer definition: [1] (Verschiedenheit; Alternative) ein unterschiedlicher [2] (Anzahl) ein weiterer; noch einer [3] veraltet: zweiter, zweite, zweites
unterschiedlich definition: [1] nach verschiedener Art, auf verschiedene Weise
0 examples

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The preferential codon usages in variable and constant regions of immunoglobulin genes are quite distinct from each other.

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Repressor of temperate mycobacteriophage L1 harbors a stable C-terminal domain and binds to different asymmetric operator DNAs with variable affinity

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Impact of different leaf velocities and dose rates on the number of monitor units and the dose-volume-histograms using intensity modulated radiotherapy with sliding-window technique

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Human embryonic stem cell research, justice, and the problem of unequal biological access

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Homologs of the Brugia malayi diagnostic antigen Bm R1 are present in other filarial parasites but induce different humoral immune responses

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Developing a spatial-statistical model and map of historical malaria prevalence in Botswana using a staged variable selection procedure

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