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jaJapanese enEnglish
1 word
二|R=に two
jaJapanese afAfrikaans
1 word
二|R=に twee
jaJapanese arArabic
1 word
二|R=に اثنان
jaJapanese brBreton
1 word
二|R=に daou
二|R=に div
jaJapanese caCatalan
1 word
二|R=に dos
二|R=に dues
jaJapanese csCzech
1 word
二|R=に dva
二|R=に dvojka
二|R=に dvě
jaJapanese cyWelsh
1 word
二|R=に ail
二|R=に dau
二|R=に dwy
jaJapanese deGerman
1 word
二|R=に zwei
二|R=に zwo
jaJapanese elGreek
1 word
二|R=に δύο|R=dhío
jaJapanese eoEsperanto
1 word
二|R=に du
jaJapanese esSpanish
1 word
二|R=に dos
jaJapanese etEstonian
1 word
二|R=に kaks
jaJapanese euBasque
1 word
二|R=に bi
jaJapanese faPersian
1 word
二|R=に دو
jaJapanese fiFinnish
1 word
二|R=に kaksi
jaJapanese frFrench
1 word
二|R=に couple
二|R=に deux
二|R=に paire
jaJapanese fyFrisian
1 word
二|R=に twa
jaJapanese gnGuarani
1 word
二|R=に mokõi
jaJapanese heHebrew
1 word
二|R=に שניים
二|R=に שתיים
jaJapanese hiHindi
1 word
二|R=に दो|R=do
jaJapanese huHungarian
1 word
二|R=に kettő
jaJapanese iaInterlingua
1 word
二|R=に duo
jaJapanese idIndonesian
1 word
二|R=に dua
jaJapanese ioIdo
1 word
二|R=に du
jaJapanese isIcelandic
1 word
二|R=に tveir
二|R=に tvær
二|R=に tvö
jaJapanese itItalian
1 word
二|R=に due
jaJapanese kaGeorgian
1 word
二|R=に ორი
jaJapanese koKorean
1 word
jaJapanese kuKurdish
1 word
二|R=に didu
二|R=に du
jaJapanese kwCornish
1 word
二|R=に deu
二|R=に dyw
jaJapanese liLimburgish
1 word
二|R=に twieë
jaJapanese ltLithuanian
1 word
二|R=に du
jaJapanese lvLatvian
1 word
二|R=に divi
jaJapanese mhMarshallese
1 word
二|R=に ruo
jaJapanese mnMongolian
1 word
二|R=に хоёр
jaJapanese naNauru
1 word
二|R=に aro
jaJapanese noNorwegian
1 word
二|R=に to
jaJapanese ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
二|R=に doas
二|R=に dos
jaJapanese plPolish
1 word
二|R=に dwa
jaJapanese ptPortuguese
1 word
二|R=に dois
二|R=に duas
二|R=に número dois
jaJapanese roRomanian
1 word
二|R=に doi
二|R=に două
二|R=に numărul doi
jaJapanese ruRussian
1 word
二|R=に два|R=dva
jaJapanese saSanskrit
1 word
二|R=に द्वौ|R=dvai
jaJapanese sdSindhi
1 word
二|R=に ٻَه
jaJapanese sqAlbanian
1 word
二|R=に dy
jaJapanese svSwedish
1 word
二|R=に två
jaJapanese thThai
1 word
二|R=に สอง
jaJapanese trTurkish
1 word
二|R=に iki
jaJapanese viVietnamese
1 word
二|R=に hai
jaJapanese waWalloon
1 word
二|R=に deus
jaJapanese yoYoruba
1 word
二|R=に eéjì
jaJapanese zhChinese
1 word
二|R=に 二|R=èr
0 synonyms
deux definition: Chiffre qui marque '''deux'''.
deux definition: Nombre représentant '''deux''' unités.
deux definition: Quelque chose repéré par le chiffre 2 (par exemple, carte à jouer, côté d’un dé qui porte '''deux''' points, cheval dans une course, etc.).
0 examples

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Differential stabilization by netropsin of inducible B-like conformations in deoxyribo-, ribo- and 2'-deoxy-2'-fluororibo-adenosine containing duplexes of (dA)n . (dT)n and (dA)n . (dU)na.

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Assembly of overlapping DNA sequences by a program written in BASIC for 64K CP/M and MS-DOS IBM-compatible microcomputers.

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Pourfour du Petit's experiments on the origin of the sympathetic nerve.

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Encyclopédie du tabac et des fumeurs


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The king's midwife: a history and mystery of Madame du Coudray

Ann F La Berge

Medical History , 01 Oct 2000

Noël du Fail, Cardano, and the Paris Medical Faculty


Medical History , 01 Jul 2004

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