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Abwurf dropping
Abwurf dropping (of bombs)
Abwurf throw off
4 words
Abwurf aus der Luft airdrop
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1 word
Abwurf largage
Abwurf definition: [1] das Handlung, etwas von oben herab fallen zu lassen (oft in Zusammenhang mit Flugzeugen benutzt) [2] Teil eines Wurfes, bei dem man etwas loslässt [3] (vom Pferd) Ereignis, wenn das Pferd den Reiter hinunterstößt [4] Fehler bei Sportbewerben (meist Sprungbewerben) durch das Berühren eines Hindernisses
0 examples

Trends in drop out, drug free discharge and rates of re-presentation: a retrospective cohort study of drug treatment clients in the North West of England: ... of individuals dropping out has increased from ...

Caryl M Beynon et al.

BMC Public Health , 11 Aug 2006

The integration window for shape cues is a function of ambient illumination: ... ambient illumination, dropping rapidly under photopic ...

Ernest Greene

Behavioral and Brain Functions , 14 Mar 2007

Fully-automated system for dissolution rate of solid oral dosage forms according to the paddle method: ... dissolution medium, dropping in of tablets, sampling ...

Erich Lamparter et al.

The Journal of Automatic Chemistry , 1993

A petal breakstrength meter for Arabidopsis abscission studies: ... is the regulated dropping of plant organs, such ...

Kevin A Lease et al.

Plant Methods , 16 Feb 2006

Bias of allele-sharing linkage statistics in the presence of intermarker linkage disequilibrium: ... Reduction of LD by dropping markers reduced this ...

Ellen L Goode et al.

BMC Genetics , 30 Dec 2005

Reproducibility Assessment of Independent Component Analysis of Expression Ratios From DNA Microarrays: ... The effects of both dropping a proportion of the ...

David Philip Kreil et al.

Comparative and Functional Genomics , 01 Jun 2003

The Law of Attrition: ... of participants dropping out of eHealth trials. ...

Gunther Eysenbach

Journal of Medical Internet Research , 31 Mar 2005

Microsatellites versus single-nucleotide polymorphisms in linkage analysis for quantitative and qualitative measures: ... SNP map obtained by dropping some markers in high LD ...

Gerald Dunn et al.

BMC Genetics , 30 Dec 2005

Statistical validation of the criteria for symptom remission in schizophrenia: Preliminary findings: ... in remission prior to dropping out. Conclusion ...

Mark GA Opler et al.

BMC Psychiatry , 24 Jul 2007

Preservation of large-scale chromatin structure in FISH experiments: ... fixation followed by dropping of nuclei on glass ...

Claudia Hepperger et al.

Chromosoma , 01 Apr 2007

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