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Intercalation of ethidium bromide into a triple-stranded oligonucleotide.: ... spectroscopy and a gel retardation assay we demonstrate that ...

J L Mergny et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Apr 1991

The protein factor which binds to the upstream activating sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ENO1 gene.: Using a gel retardation assay it was shown that the ...

M Machida et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 25 Feb 1988

In vitro binding of the bacteriophage f1 gene V protein to the gene II RNA-operator and its DNA analog.: ... II translation. Using a gel retardation assay, we find that the ...

B Michel et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 25 Sep 1989

The methylation of one specific guanosine in a pre-tRNA prevents cleavage by RNase P and by the catalytic M1 RNA.: ... with M1 RNA in a gel retardation assay. Images

D Kahle et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 25 Feb 1990

Preferential binding of E.coli histone-like protein HU alpha to negatively supercoiled DNA.: ... DNA was examined by gel retardation assay and chemical probing ...

H Shindo et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Apr 1992

Footprinting RNA-protein complexes following gel retardation assays: application to the R-17-procoat-RNA and tat--TAR interactions.

L Pearson et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 25 Jun 1994

Human androgen receptor expressed in HeLa cells activates transcription in vitro.: ... androgens. In a gel retardation assay the partially purified ...

P De Vos et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Apr 1994

A physico-chemical study of triple helix formation by an oligodeoxythymidylate with N3'--> P5' phosphoramidate linkages.: Non-denaturing gel retardation assay, DNA melting ...

B Zhou-Sun et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 May 1997

Interaction of transcription factor YY1 with a replication-enhancing element, REE1, in an autonomously replicating human chromosome fragment.: ... proteins using a gel retardation assay. One of the ...

C Obuse et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 May 1998

Domain organization and functional analysis of Thermus thermophilus MutS protein.: ... (571 to C-terminus). A gel retardation assay indicated that ...

H Tachiki et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 Sep 1998

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