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enEnglish afAfrikaans
1 word
assess ag
assess begroot
assess hou van
assess waardeer
enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
assess apreciar
assess avaluar
assess cartenir
assess estimar
assess prear
assess taxar
assess trobar agradable
enEnglish daDanish
1 word
assess agte
assess bedømme
assess kunne lide
assess synes om
assess sætte pris på
assess vurdere
enEnglish deGerman
1 word
assess abschätzen
assess achten
assess bewerten
assess ehren
assess einschätzen
assess hochachten
assess hochschätzen
assess mögen
assess schätzen
assess wertschätzen
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enEnglish elGreek
1 word
assess αγαπώ
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
assess taksi
assess ŝati
enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
assess apreciar
assess avaliar
assess estimar
assess evaluar
assess tasar
assess valoar
enEnglish fiFinnish
1 word
assess arvioida
assess arvostaa
assess kunnioittaa
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
assess dáma
assess meta
assess meta høgt
enEnglish frFrench
1 word
assess apprécier
assess estimer
assess taxer
assess évaluer
enEnglish huHungarian
1 word
assess kedvel
assess szeret
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
assess estimar
assess evaluar
assess prizar
assess taxar
enEnglish isIcelandic
1 word
assess meta mikils
assess þykja vænt um
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
assess apprezzare
assess rispettare
assess stimare
assess valutare
enEnglish kuKurdish
1 word
assess nirxandin
enEnglish laLatin
1 word
assess aestimare
assess appretiare
assess censere
assess taxare
enEnglish msMalay
1 word
assess menaksir
assess suka
assess taksir
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
assess achten
assess achting hebben voor
assess achting toedragen
assess begroten
assess hechten aan
assess hoogachten
assess houden van
assess mogen
assess schatten
assess taxeren
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enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
assess like
assess sette pris på
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
assess cenić
assess lubić
assess oceniać
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
assess ajuizar
assess apreciar
assess apreçar
assess avaliar
assess estimar
assess gostar
assess gostar de
assess orçar
assess prezar
assess taxar
enEnglish roRomanian
1 word
assess aprecia
assess evalua
enEnglish sqAlbanian
1 word
assess dua
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
assess beräkna
assess taxera
assess tycka om
assess uppskatta
assess värdera
enEnglish tlTagalog
1 word
assess gustó
assess íbig
enEnglish trTurkish
1 word
assess beğenmek
enEnglish zuZulu
1 word
assess -thanda
Geriatric Assessment definition: Evaluation of the level of physical, physiological, or mental functioning in the older population group.
Nursing Assessment definition: Evaluation of the nature and extent of nursing problems presented by a patient for the purpose of patient care planning.
Nutrition Assessment definition: Evaluation and measurement of nutritional variables in order to assess the level of nutrition or the NUTRITIONAL STATUS of the individual. NUTRITION SURVEYS may be used in making the assessment.
Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care) definition: Evaluation procedures that focus on both the outcome or status (OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT) of the patient at the end of an episode of care - presence of symptoms, level of activity, and mortality; and the process (ASSESSMENT, PROCESS) - what is done for the patient diagnostically and therapeutically.
Pain Measurement definition: Scales, questionnaires, tests, and other methods used to assess pain severity and duration in patients or experimental animals to aid in diagnosis, therapy, and physiological studies.
Pain Measurement definition: see:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/MBrowser.html
Pain Assessment definition: The evaluation of pain complaints. Measurements should be objective on the part of the practitioner, based on subjective information from the patient. Measurements may also be indirect, by such assessments as respiratory rate and effort, withdrawal, guarding, or other appropriate assessment techniques.
Personality Assessment definition: The determination and evaluation of personality attributes by interviews, observations, tests, or scales. Articles concerning personality measurement are considered to be within scope of this term.
Prospective Payment Assessment Commission definition: The commission charged with evaluating issues and factors which affect the implementation of the PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT SYSTEM.
Self Assessment (Psychology) definition: Appraisal of one's own personal qualities or traits.
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einschätzen definition: [1] nach den persönlichen Erfahrungen beurteilen; sich eine Meinung über etwas oder jemanden bilden

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