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Women and postfertilization effects of birth control: consistency of beliefs, intentions and reported use

Huong M Dye et al.

BMC Women's Health , 28 Nov 2005

Measuring access to primary care appointments: a review of methods

Wendy Jones et al.

BMC Family Practice , 07 Jul 2003

Reasons for and consequences of missed appointments in general practice in the UK: questionnaire survey and prospective review of medical records

Richard D Neal et al.

BMC Family Practice , 07 Nov 2005

Appointments timed in proximity to annual milestones and compliance with screening: randomised controlled trial

Geir Hoff et al.

BMJ : British Medical Journal , 2008

Physicians' intentions and use of three patient decision aids

Ian D Graham et al.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making , 06 Jul 2007

Performance of a reflectometric technique for serum alanine aminotransferase determinations

J. W. M. Keen

The Journal of Automatic Chemistry , 1989

Small business owners' health and safety intentions: A cross-sectional survey

Lisa M Brosseau et al.

Environmental Health , 21 Oct 2005

Effectiveness of mobile-phone short message service (SMS) reminders for ophthalmology outpatient appointments: Observational study

Elizabeth Koshy et al.

BMC Ophthalmology , 31 May 2008

Interim analyses of data as they accumulate in laboratory experimentation

John Ludbrook

BMC Medical Research Methodology , 21 Aug 2003

Why do people fail to turn good intentions into action? The role of executive control processes in the translation of healthy eating intentions into action in young Scottish adults

Julia L Allan et al.

BMC Public Health , 18 Apr 2008

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