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Bone Nail Nagel, Knochen
Bone Nail Stift, Knochen
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Driver/Extractors, Bone Nail-Pin Handbohrer/-dreher, Knochennagelstift
Bone Nails definition: Rods of bone, metal, or other material used for fixation of the fragments or ends of fractured bones.
NAIL, FIXATION, BONE definition: Single/multiple component metallic bone fixation appliances and accessories are devices intended to be implanted consisting of one or more metallic components and their metallic fasteners. The devices contain a plate, a nail/plate combination, or a blade/plate combination that are made of alloys, such as cobalt-chromium-molybdenum, stainless steel, and titanium, that are intended to be held in position with fasteners, such as screws and nails, or bolts, nuts, and washers. These devices are used for fixation of fractures of the proximal or distal end of long bones, such as intracapsular, intertrochanteric, intercervical, supracondylar, or condylar fractures of the femur; for fusion of a joint; or for surgical procedures that involve cutting a bone. The devices may be implanted or attached through the skin so that a pulling force (traction) may be applied to the skeletal system.
Nails, Bone definition: Rods made of metal, bone, or other rigid materials, which are inserted into the intermedullary canal to act as an immobilization device to hold the two ends of a fractured long bone in position.
Driver/Extractors, Bone Nail-Pin definition: Surgical driver/extractors designed to insert and extract nails and/or pins into or from bones by applying linear force or torque during orthopedic procedures. Instruments applying linear force are typically manual, handheld instruments with a working end that accommodates nails and pins (e.g., a hollow adjustable cylinder), a handle for manipulation, and possibly a sliding sleeve between the tip and the handle for hitting (hammering) the working end; instruments intended to apply torque usually include a threaded working end (either male or female), a rotating shaft, and a concentric, T-shaped, or otherwise configured handle appropriate to apply manual torque. Bone nail and pin driver/extractors are used mainly in orthopedic procedures (e.g., femur, hip prostheses implantation); dedicated instruments are available for specific nails and pins used in specialized prostheses (e.g., medullary nails).
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