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Cofactor Required for Sp1 Transcriptional Activation Subunit 3 definition: Gene transcription requires factors that recognize transcriptional enhancer sites in DNA. These factors work with coactivators to direct transcriptional initiation by the RNA polymerase II apparatus. Transcriptional activation by enhancer-binding factors such as SP1 requires interaction with the TFIID complex. A multisubunit cofactor, CRSP (cofactor required for SP1 activation) along with TFIID, is required for efficient activation by SP1. CRSP behaves as a single complex of approximately 700 kD. Nine polypeptides have been identified as CRSP subunits. The CRSP3 gene encodes this 130-kD protein that is subunit 3 of the CRSP complex. The CRSP3 protein is required for Sp1 mediated transcriptional activation with TAF(II)s. (from OMIM 605042, LocusLink 9439)
MED23 Gene definition: This gene is involved in activation of Sp1 transcription. It also plays a role in suppression of metastasis.
MED23 wt Allele definition: Human MED23 wild-type allele is located within 6q22.33-q24.1 and is approximately 54 kb in length. This allele, which encodes CRSP complex subunit 3 protein, plays a role in transcriptional activation.
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