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electrophysiological elektrophysiologisch
Electrophysiologic Techniques, Cardiac definition: Methods to induce and measure electrical activities at specific sites in the heart to diagnose and treat problems with the heart's electrical system.
Transesophageal Electrophysiologic Study definition: Measurements of the electrical activities of specific areas of the heart, taken from inside the ESOPHAGUS.
Refractory Period, Electrophysiological definition: The period of time following the triggering of an ACTION POTENTIAL when the CELL MEMBRANE has changed to an unexcitable state and is gradually restored to the resting (excitable) state. During the absolute refractory period no other stimulus can trigger a response. This is followed by the relative refractory period during which the cell gradually becomes more excitable and the stronger impulse that is required to illicit a response gradually lessens to that required during the resting state.
Electrophysiological Phenomena definition: The electrical properties, characteristics of living organisms, and the processes of organisms or their parts that are involved in generating and responding to electrical charges.
Electrophysiological Processes definition: The functions and activities of living organisms or their parts involved in generating and responding to electrical charges .
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