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Hepatitis C Antibodies definition: Antibodies to the HEPATITIS C ANTIGENS including antibodies to envelope, core, and non-structural proteins.
hepatitis C virus definition: an RNA virus which has been shown to be the major etiologic agent of non-A non-B hepatitis and causes substantial morbidity and mortality worldwide; also associated with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Hepatitis C virus definition: Six clades of the virus exist. But all are considered one species, since serotyping is not yet possible and they do not contain any other taxonomic characteristics except geographic distribution (8th ICTV Report).
Hepatitis C Virus definition: A small, enveloped, positive sense single strand RNA virus in the family Flaviviridae. The genome consists of a single RNA molecule with a single open reading frame.
Hepatitis C Viral Load PCR Measurement definition: The determination of the hepatitis C viral load in a sample using polymerase chain reaction.
HCVPCR definition: A measurement of the hepatitis C viral load in a sample using polymerase chain reaction.

Hepatitis virus vaccines: present status.

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