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recombinant 70-kD heat-shock protein definition: A recombinant peptide that is chemically identical to or similar to the endogenous 70-kD heat shock protein (HSP70). HSP70 is a molecular chaperone that prevents physiologic stress-induced cell death by inhibiting both caspase-dependent and caspase-independent apoptosis. Because this peptide is often overexpressed in tumor cells, autologous vaccination with HSP70 derived from tumor cells may stimulate the host immune system to mount a tumoricidal cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) response. Check for "http://www.cancer.gov/Search/ClinicalTrialsLink.aspx?id=37945&idtype=1" active clinical trials or "http://www.cancer.gov/Search/ClinicalTrialsLink.aspx?id=37945&idtype=1&closed=1" closed clinical trials using this agent. ("http://nciterms.nci.nih.gov:80/NCIBrowser/ConceptReport.jsp?dictionary=NCI_Thesaurus&code=C28696" NCI Thesaurus)
Heat Shock Protein 70 definition: Heat Shock Protein 70 is a class of conserved molecular chaperone proteins in both prokaryotes and eukaryotic cells that may interact with polypeptides during the assembly processes to prevent the formation of nonfunctional structures. There are at least three HSP70 loci in the human genome, which map to chromosomes 6, 14, 21, and at least one other chromosome. Heat-shock proteins are expressed in response to a variety of stresses. The human HSP70 multi-gene family encodes highly conserved 70 kD proteins with structural and functional properties in common, but which vary in their response to metabolic stress. Some mRNAs are rapidly degraded through an AU-rich 3-prime untranslated region bound by AUF1, which complexes with HSC70, HSP70, EIF4G, and poly(A)-binding protein. The mRNA decay is associated with displacement of EIF4G from AUF1, ubiquitination of AUF1, and degradation. HSP70 blocks decay of AU-rich mRNAs and AUF1 protein.
HSP70 Heat-Shock Proteins definition: A class of MOLECULAR CHAPERONES found in both prokaryotes and in several compartments of eukaryotic cells. These proteins can interact with polypeptides during a variety of assembly processes in such a way as to prevent the formation of nonfunctional structures.
HSP72 Heat-Shock Proteins definition: Stress-inducible members of the heat-shock proteins 70 family. HSP72 heat shock proteins function with other MOLECULAR CHAPERONES to mediate PROTEIN FOLDING and to stabilize pre-existent proteins against aggregation.
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