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HMGN2 Protein definition: An evolutionarily conserved 9-KDa nuclear protein that binds NUCLEOSOMES and may be involved in the process of CHROMATIN unfolding.
HMGN2 Protein definition: HMGN2 enhances the transcriptional potential of chromatin when incorporated into nucleosomes during, but not after, chromatin assembly on replicating DNA. Two molecules of HMGN2 can bind to nucleosome cores, independently of the underlying DNA sequence, in a cooperative fashion to limit nucleosome mobility and stabilize the structure of the nucleosome core without stabilizing the higher order chromatin structure. By modifying the structure of nucleosomes, the proteins affect the local structure of the chromatin fiber leading to an increase in the rate of transcriptional elongation but not initiation. (Semin Cell Biol 1995 Aug;6(4):247-55)
HMGN2 Protein definition: HMGN2 is a non-histone chromosomal protein known to specifically associate with the nucleosome core. This protein unfolds the higher order chromatin structure thereby facilitating access to the underlying DNA sequence and facilitating the orderly progression of various DNA-dependent activities in the context of chromatin. The protein actively shuttles between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, in a cell-cycle dependent manner. HMGN2 colocalizes with nascent transcripts.
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