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HMGB2 Protein definition: A 23-kDa HMG-box protein that binds to and distorts the minor grove of DNA.
HMGB2 definition: HMGB2 contains two DNA-binding HMG-box domains (A and B) and a long acidic C-terminal domain. It binds DNA without sequence specificity, but has a high affinity for bent or distorted DNA, and bend linear DNA. The individual A and B boxes (which, although broadly similar, show both structural and functional differences) exhibit many of the structure-specific properties of the whole protein. The acidic tail modulates the affinity of the tandem HMG boxes in HMG2 for a variety of DNA targets, including four-way junctions, but not distorted DNA minicircles, to which the proteins bind with very high affinity. HMGB2 appears to play important architectural roles in the assembly of nucleoprotein complexes in a variety of biological processes, for example V(D)J recombination, the initiation of transcription, and DNA repair. (Biochem Soc Trans 2001 Aug;29(Pt 4):395-401)
HMGB2 wt Allele definition: Human HMGB2 wild-type allele is located within 4q31 and is approximately 3 kb in length. This allele, which encodes high mobility group protein B2, plays a role in the replication, repair and recombination of DNA.
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