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biological response modifier definition: a diversity of reagents employed for nonspecific active immunization; used to enhance the immune response; 4 major groups: bacterial products, synthetic molecules, cytokines, and hormones.
Immunomodulating Agent definition: Substances or procedures that enhance the host's ability to inhibit tumorigenesis or tumor progression or that increase the differential between tumor and host susceptibility to therapeutic agents. Thus BRMs can be preventive (vaccines, vitamins) or therapeutic (interferon, monoclonal antibodies, hyperthermia, gene therapy.) Standard, nonspecific therapies such as drugs and radiation are excluded but radiation delivered via antibodies would be included since it exploits a differential susceptibility of tumor and host.
immunomodulator definition: agents of both drug and biological origin often used in immunotherapy to stimulate, potentiate, or depress the immune response; also used to inhibit or enhance specific subclasses of immunocytes.
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