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Insertion Mutation definition: A mutation consisting of the addition of extra nucleotides into a chromosome.
Insertion Mutation definition: Mutations that result in the insertion of one or more nucleotides into a wild type DNA sequence. Can result in a frame shift in the coding sequence of a gene.
Insertion Mutation Abnormality definition: Insertion of one or more nucleotides into a DNA sequence. An insertion mutation abnormality can result in a frame shift abnormality if the length of the inserted nucleotide strand is not divisible by three. This type of mutation abnormality can be either heritable or occur somatically.
INDEL Mutation definition: A mutation named with the blend of insertion and deletion. It refers to a length difference between two ALLELES where it is unknowable if the difference was originally caused by a SEQUENCE INSERTION or by a SEQUENCE DELETION. If the number of nucleotides in the insertion/deletion is not divisible by three, and it occurs in a protein coding region, it is also a FRAMESHIFT MUTATION.
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