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Cleft Palate definition: Congenital fissure of the soft and/or hard palate, due to faulty fusion.
cleft palate definition: congenital fissure of the soft and/or hard palate, due to faulty fusion.
Levocardia definition: Congenital abnormalities in which the HEART is in the normal position (levocardia) in the left side of the chest but some or all of the THORAX or ABDOMEN viscera are transposed laterally (SITUS INVERSUS). It is also known as situs inversus with levocardia, or isolated levocardia. This condition is often associated with severe heart defects and splenic abnormalities such as asplenia or polysplenia.
isolation perfusion definition: extracorporeal circuit with temporary exclusion of the area from the general circulation during which high concentrations of drug are perfused to the isolated part; can be used in cancer therapy.
IgA Deficiency definition: A dysgammaglobulinemia characterized by a deficiency of IMMUNOGLOBULIN A.
Power Systems, Isolated definition: Power systems designed for general, nonspecialized power distribution in which neither load conductor is directly grounded. These systems usually consist of a wall-mounted power distribution system fixture; they must include a device such as a line isolation monitor (LIM) or ground-fault detector to monitor the isolation degradation and alarms that typically operate at a limit between 2 to 5 mA. Isolated power systems are used in operating rooms and other anesthetizing locations and in "wet" locations; their installation must be performed in some of these places according to codes and standards. Periodic inspection and testing of these systems, including the function of the LIM, are also required.
Testers, Isolated Power System definition: Testers designed to assess the main characteristics of an isolated power system. These testers typically consist of an electronic measuring unit including a display, a current generator, controls to select the test, and appropriate leads. Most isolated power system testers can test line voltage, line isolation current, and line isolation monitor and ground-fault circuit interrupter operation and trip current; they are used after installation, in preventive maintenance procedures, and after power system modification or repair.
Isolation definition: A state of separation; the act of isolating something; setting something apart from others; marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements.
Solitary Osseous Plasmacytoma definition: A localized clonal (malignant) plasma cell infiltrate in the bone without peripheral blood involvement. The most commonly affected bones are the vertebrae, ribs, skull, pelvis and femur. X-rays examination reveals a solitary lytic lesion.
Growth Hormone Producing Pituitary Gland Adenoma definition: An adenoma of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland that produces growth hormone. The vast majority of cases are hormonally functioning and are associated with either gigantism or acromegaly. (NCI05)
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