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Photometry definition: Measurement of the properties of light, especially luminous intensity.
Microplate Reader definition: An instrument for the automated determination of absorbance data from multiple samples contained in a microplate.
UREASE, PHOTOMETRIC, UREA NITROGEN definition: A urea nitrogen test system is a device intended to measure urea nitrogen (an end-product of nitrogen metabolism) in whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis and treatment of certain renal and metabolic diseases.
LIPASE-ESTERASE, ENZYMATIC, PHOTOMETRIC, LIPASE definition: A lipase test system is a device intended to measure the activity of the enzymes lipase in serum. Lipase measurements are used in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pancreas such as acute pancreatitis and obstruction of the pancreatic duct.
PHOTOMETRIC METHOD, MAGNESIUM definition: A magnesium test system is a device intended to measure magnesium levels in serum and plasma. Magnesium measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of hypomagnesemia (abnormally low plasma levels of magnesium) and hypermagnesemia (abnormally high plasma levels of magnesium).
PHOTOMETRIC METHOD, AMMONIA definition: An ammonia test system is a device intended to measure ammonia levels in blood, serum, and plasma, Ammonia measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of severe liver disorders, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, and Reye's syndrome.
PHOTOMETRIC METHOD, IRON (NON-HEME) definition: An iron (non-heme) test system is a device intended to measure iron (non-heme) in serum and plasma. Iron (non-heme) measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as iron deficiency anemia, hemochromatosis (a disease associated with widespread deposit in the tissues of two iron-containing pigments, hemosiderin and hemofuscin, and characterized by pigmentation of the skin), and chronic renal disease.
ANALYZER, CHEMISTRY (PHOTOMETRIC, DISCRETE), FOR CLINICAL USE definition: A discrete photometric chemistry analyzer for clinical use is a device intended to duplicate manual analytical procedures by performing automatically various steps such as pipetting, preparing filtrates, heating, and measuring color intensity. This device is intended for use in conjunction with certain materials to measure a variety of analytes. Different models of the device incorporate various instrumentation such as micro analysis apparatus, double beam, single, or dual channel photometers, and bichromatic 2-wavelength photometers. Some models of the device may include reagent-containing components that may also serve as reaction units.
Analyzers, Laboratory, Immunoassay, Photometric definition: Immunoassay analyzers that use a dedication filter photometer or spectrophotometer as a detection system. These analyzers usually include an autosampler, a reagent dispenser, a washer, a filter photometer or spectrophotometer as a detector, and, typically, computerized data processing devices. Photometric immunoassay analyzers can be used to monitor immunoassays that produce compounds that absorb monochromatic light.
Analyzers, Laboratory, Immunoassay, Photometric, ELISA definition: Photometric immunoassay analyzers that use enzyme-labeled antigens or antibodies and a solid-phase binding support (e.g., beads, microtiter plates) to detect and/or quantitate the substance of interest. These analyzers combine reagent and sample dispensers, washers, and photometric readers in a single instrument. Antigen detection may be performed using several methods, including competitive binding, "sandwich" technique, and antibody inhibition. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) can detect nano- and picogram quantities of analytes. These analyzers are used mostly to evaluate the quantity of antigen or antibodies associated with most infectious viral diseases (e.g., measles, herpes, rubella) and other nonviral applications (e.g., mycoplasma pneumoniae), as well as many parasitic and fungal infections.
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