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ADORA2A Gene definition: This gene plays a regulatory role in the enzymatic activity of adenylyl cyclase.
Adenosine Receptor A2a definition: Expressed in basal ganglia, vasculature, and platelets by human ADORA2A Gene (GPCR1 Family), 412-aa 45-kDa Adenosine A2A Receptor is a cell-surface integral membrane protein containing 7 transmembrane domains that interacts with a heterotrimeric G protein complex in response to adenosine ligand to stimulate cAMP accumulation through adenylate cyclase activation, is a major target of caffeine, and modulates the activity of various neuronal populations, platelets, neutrophils, and mast cells, and smooth muscle cells in bronchi and vasculature. A potent biologic mediator, most effects of adenosine protect cells during stress.
Adenosine Receptor A2a definition: Adenosine receptor A2a (412 aa, 45 kD) is a cell defense response protein that is encoded by the human ADORA2A gene and has roles in G protein-coupled cell-cell signaling, cellular defense response, phagocytosis, blood circulation, inflammatory response, sensory perception and central nervous system development.
ADORA2A wt Allele definition: Human ADORA2A wild-type allele is located in the vicinity of 22q11.23 and is approximately 15 kb in length. This allele, which encodes adenosine A2a receptor protein, is involved in the regulation of adenylyl cyclase.
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