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RING Box Protein 1 definition: Widely expressed by human RBX1 Gene (RING-Box Family), conserved cytoplasmic and nuclear 108-aa 12.3-kDa RING Box Protein 1, containing a RING-type zinc finger, mediates protein turnover of cell cycle, signal transduction, and transcription proteins by ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation. A component of various SCF, SCF-like, and CBC multisubunit E3 ubiquitin ligase complexes, RBX1 may recruit E2 enzymes to the complex through its RING-type zinc finger and heterodimerizes with cullins in the third step of ubiquitin conjugation reactions to catalyze ubiquitin polymerization. RBX1 promotes neddylation of CUL1 and probably CUL2. It also probably interacts with CDC34 and may stimulate CDC34 autoubiquitination. (NCI)
RBX1 Gene definition: This gene plays a critical role in ubiquitination.
RBX1 wt Allele definition: Human RBX1 wild-type allele is located in the vicinity of 22q13.2 and is approximately 21 kb in length. This allele, which encodes RING-box protein 1, is involved in ubiquitination and protein degradation.
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