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Frameshift Mutation definition: A type of mutation in which a number of NUCLEOTIDES deleted from or inserted into a protein coding sequence is not divisible by three, thereby causing an alteration in the READING FRAMES of the entire coding sequence downstream of the mutation. These mutations may be induced by certain types of MUTAGENS or may occur spontaneously.
frameshift mutation definition: insertions or deletions of genetic material that lead to a shift in the translation of the reading frame; the mutation usually leads to nonfunctional proteins.
Frameshift Mutation Abnormality definition: Insertion or deletion of one, two or four nucleotides that alters the correct reading frame of an amino acid-coding DNA sequence, resulting in an amino acid sequence that is changed or truncated. Frame shift mutations typically result in a mutated protein product that is inactive. This type of mutation abnormality can be either inherited or somatic.
Frameshift Mutation definition: A type of mutation in which one or more paired nucleotides are inserted or deleted in the coding region of a gene, which causes the triplet codons to be read in the wrong frame; the resulting polypeptide has a garbled amino acid sequence from the mutated codon on. (BioTech Life Science Dictionary)
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