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Organ of Corti definition: The spiral EPITHELIUM containing sensory AUDITORY HAIR CELLS and supporting cells in the cochlea. Organ of Corti, situated on the BASILAR MEMBRANE and overlaid by a gelatinous TECTORIAL MEMBRANE, converts sound-induced mechanical waves to neural impulses to the brain.
organ of Corti definition: organ that contains the special sensory receptors for hearing, composed of a series of epithelial structures placed upon the inner part of the basilar membrane.
Tectorial Membrane definition: A membrane, attached to the bony SPIRAL LAMINA, overlying and coupling with the hair cells of the ORGAN OF CORTI in the inner ear. It is a glycoprotein-rich keratin-like layer containing fibrils embedded in a dense amorphous substance.
Pillar Cell definition: A flattened cell that rests on the tympanic lip of the spiral lamina (inner pillar cell) and on the basilar membrane (outer pillar cell), thereby forming the tunnel of the Organ of Corti.
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