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Topoisomerase II Beta definition: Encoded by human TOP2B Gene (TOPII Family), alternative homodimeric nuclear DNA Topoisomerase II, Beta isoforms: 2 (1626-aa, 183-kD) and 1 (1621-aa) control DNA topology. TOP2B catalyzes transient ATP-dependent double-strand breakage/relaxation and rejoining of negative/positive supercoiled DNA during transcription, replication, chromosome condensation, and chromatid separation. With 72% similarity in TOP2, TOP2A/B N-terminal ATPase and central breakage/reunion domains are conserved; the C-terminal domains differ markedly. The TOP2B C-terminus contains potential phosphorylation sites. TOP2B is a target for several anticancer agents. Mutations are linked with drug resistance and perhaps ataxia-telangiectasia. (from LocusLink, Swiss-Prot, OMIM, and NCI)
Topoisomerase II Beta definition: Both topo II alpha and beta isoforms exhibit ATP-dependent strand passage activity, but they differ in several key aspects. The beta isoform relaxes DNA in a more progressive manner than the alpha isoform and also exhibits a higher optimal KCl requirement. The beta isoform has a molecular weight of 180 KD, and is immunologically distinct as well as exhibits different SV8 proteolytic cleavage pattern from alpha isoform.
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