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tops Aufbauten
tops Aufsätze
tops Baumwipfel
tops Gipfel
tops Kreisel
tops Kronen
tops Oberteile
tops Spielkreisel
tops Spitzen
tops Tops
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Tops tops
Crib Tops definition: Structures designed to cover pediatric beds (i.e., cribs) to increase children's safety. These coverings are usually a metal and/or plastic structure that is permanently attached to the top of the crib; typically a rigid structure is used with flexible transparent plastic (e.g., vinyl) foil enclosing the entire crib. Crib tops are intended to protect children from accidental injuries; dedicated crib tops for use in hospitals, homes, and/ or day cares (e.g., canopylike) are also available.
Flowering Tops definition: Tops of plants when in flower, including the stems, leaves and blooms.

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Reagents for the preparation of two oligonucleotides per synthesis (TOPS).

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