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Prostheses, Joint, Shoulder, Total definition: Implantable prostheses designed for total replacement of the shoulder joint. These prostheses typically consist of a combination of a humeral component (consisting of a long stem that is anchored in the hollow center of the humerus at one end and a cup that is attached to the other end forming the ball of the articulation) and a glenoid component (consisting of a metal tray with a short stem that is anchored directly to the scapula and a plastic cup that replaces the glenoid cavity of the shoulder blade at the articulation point). Made of a combination of metal, ceramics, and/or polymeric materials with different shapes and technologies, the prostheses may be intended for use with or without bone cement. Total shoulder joint prostheses are used in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or, less frequently, after trauma (e.g., fracture).
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