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Amplifiers, Electronic definition: Electronic devices that increase the magnitude of a signal's power level or current.
AMPLIFIER AND SIGNAL CONDITIONER, TRANSDUCER SIGNAL definition: A transducer signal amplifier and conditioner is a device used to provide the excitation energy for the transducer and to amplify or condition the signal emitted by the transducer.
AMPLIFIER AND SIGNAL CONDITIONER, BIOPOTENTIAL definition: A biopotential amplifier and signal conditioner is a device used to amplify or condition an electrical signal of biologic origin.
RECORDER, EXTERNAL, PRESSURE, AMPLIFIER & TRANSDUCER definition: A gastrointestinal motility monitoring system is a device used to measure peristalic activity or pressure in the stomach or esophagus by means of a probe with transducers that is introduced through the mouth into the gastrointestinal tract. The device may include signal conditioning, amplifying, and recording equipment. This generic type of device includes the esophageal motility monitor and tube, the gastrointestinal motility (electrical) system, and certain accessories, such as a pressure transducer, amplifier, and external recorder.
AMPLIFIER, PHYSIOLOGICAL SIGNAL definition: A physiological signal amplifier is a general purpose device used to electrically amplify signals derived from various physiological sources (e.g., the electroencephalogram).
amplifier definition: Amplificateur ; ampli .
amplifier definition: Amplificateur.
amplificateur definition: Appareil qui augmente l’effet d’un courant électrique selon les signaux reçus, système électronique quadripôle qui modifie un signal d'entrée en augmentant son intensité ou sa tension.
amplificateur definition: Séquence d’ADN amplifiant très fortement la transcription d’un ou plusieurs gènes situés en cis.
amplificateur definition: Celui qui amplifie un écrit, un discours.
amplificateur definition: Instrument destiné à rendre le sens de l’ouïe aux sourds.

A simple and low cost DNA amplifier.

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