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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
animals Tiere
chorda-animals Chordatier
marine-animals Seetiere
2 words
carnivorous animals Fleischfresser
circus animals Zirkustiere
cloned animals geklonte Tiere
companion animals Haustiere
companion animals Heimtiere
crepuscular animals dämmerungsaktive Tiere
domestic animals Haustiere
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enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
chorda-animals cordat
enEnglish frFrench
1 word
chorda-animals chordé
3 words
cruelty to animals cruauté envers les animaux
home for animals fourrière
home for animals refuge
caCatalan enEnglish
2 words
criar animals breed
criar animals elevate
criar animals farm
criar animals heave
criar animals hoist
criar animals keep
criar animals lever
criar animals lift
criar animals raise
criar animals rear
caCatalan afAfrikaans
2 words
criar animals aanhou
criar animals optrek
criar animals teel
caCatalan daDanish
2 words
criar animals avle
criar animals løfte
caCatalan deGerman
2 words
criar animals aufheben
criar animals brüten
criar animals erheben
criar animals heben
criar animals ziehen
criar animals züchten
criar animals zücken
caCatalan eoEsperanto
2 words
criar animals bredi
criar animals levi
caCatalan esSpanish
2 words
criar animals alzar
criar animals criar
criar animals levantar
caCatalan fiFinnish
2 words
criar animals nostaa
caCatalan foFaroese
2 words
criar animals ala
criar animals hevja
criar animals lyfta
criar animals reisa
caCatalan frFrench
2 words
criar animals élever
caCatalan fyFrisian
2 words
criar animals heffe
caCatalan gdScottish Gaelic
2 words
criar animals tog
criar animals àrdaich
caCatalan idIndonesian
2 words
criar animals acung
criar animals mengacung
caCatalan ioIdo
2 words
criar animals elevar
caCatalan isIcelandic
2 words
criar animals hefja
criar animals lyfta
criar animals reisa
caCatalan itItalian
2 words
criar animals alzare
caCatalan laLatin
2 words
criar animals levare
caCatalan nlDutch
2 words
criar animals beuren
criar animals fokken
criar animals heffen
criar animals opfokken
criar animals ophalen
criar animals oprichten
criar animals tillen
criar animals verheffen
caCatalan ptPortuguese
2 words
criar animals criar
criar animals cultivar
criar animals elevar
criar animals erguer
criar animals melhorar
criar animals suspender
caCatalan roRomanian
2 words
criar animals creşte
criar animals îngriji
caCatalan svSwedish
2 words
criar animals hissa
criar animals upphisa
criar animals upphäva
criar animals upphöja
ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal deGerman
3 words
anatomia dels animals Tieranatomie
Animal Testing Alternatives definition: Procedures, such as TISSUE CULTURE TECHNIQUES; mathematical models; etc., when used or advocated for use in place of the use of animals in research or diagnostic laboratories.
alternatives to animals in research definition: methods which refine, reduce, or replace the use of animals in research; includes those projects which replace one animal species with a phylogenetically lower species.
Animal Testing Alternative definition: Any method or technique that eliminates the use of animals in experiments, research, and testing.
Animalia definition: multicellular organisms whose classification is based on tissues or organ arrangement; heterotrophic; use sexual reproduction in which a fertilized egg develops in stages; vertebrate and invertebrate types; index specific animal when possible.
Animals definition: Unicellular or multicellular, heterotrophic organisms, that have sensation and the power of voluntary movement. Under the older five kingdom paradigm, Animalia was one of the kingdoms. Under the modern three domain model, Animalia represents one of the many groups in the domain EUKARYOTA.
Animal definition: A living organism that has membranous cell walls, requires oxygen and organic foods, and is capable of voluntary movement, as distinguished from a plant or mineral.
animal definition: A living subject from the animal kingdom.
Animals, Domestic definition: Animals which have become adapted through breeding in captivity to a life intimately associated with man. They include animals domesticated by man to live and breed in a tame condition on farms or ranches (e.g., horses, cattle, sheep) and those raised or kept for pleasure and companionship (e.g., dogs, cats, horses).
domestic animal definition: animals which have become adapted through breeding in captivity to a life intimately associated with man; prefer indexing specific animal, treed elsewhere, when possible.
Laboratory Animal definition: A grouping of those animals that are commonly used as subjects in laboratory research.
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Chordatier definition: [1] Zoologie: Stamm des Tierreiches, dessen Vertreter vorwiegend im Meer leben und die alle (zumindest in ihrer Ontogenese) die sogenannte Chorda dorsalis ausbilden. Die Chorda dorsalis ist ein dorsal (also rückenwärts) liegender Stützstab aus korpeligem Bindegewebe, der bei den ebenfalls zu den Chordatieren gehörenden Wirbeltieren zur Wirbelsäule umgebaut wird.
Tierquälerei definition: [1] starke Beeinträchtigung der Gesundheit [und/oder Würde] eines Tieres über einen längeren Zeitraum
Tieranatomie definition: [1] Biologie / Tiermedizin: die Anatomie der Tiere [2]
Tierheim definition: [1] eine Einrichtung des Tierschutzes zur Unterbringung von (herrenlosen) Haustieren [2] Gebäude, in dem sich die Räumlichkeiten der unter [1] beschriebenen Einrichtung befinden
ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
anatomia dels animals definition: [1] die Tieranatomie, die Zootomie

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