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Psychology, Applied definition: The science which utilizes psychologic principles to derive more effective means in dealing with practical problems.
Application definition: Putting something to a special use or purpose; the act of laying on a substance or preparation.
Kinesiology, Applied definition: The study of muscles and the movement of the human body. In holistic medicine it is the balance of movement and the interaction of a person's energy systems. Applied kinesiology is the name given by its inventor, Dr. George Goodheart, to the system of applying muscle testing diagnostically and therapeutically to different aspects of health care. (Thorsons Introductory Guide to Kinesiology, 1992, p13)
Applied Research definition: Research directed toward solving a specific problem.
B.A.D. Codes definition: Basic, Applied, Development codes.
Genetic Engineering, Applied definition: Genetic engineering performed with the object of creating, modifying or otherwise enhancing a product whose manufacture is partly or entirely dependent on a biological process.
Associate of Applied Science definition: An associate's degree awarded to students who are permitted to relax some of the general education requirements in order to study more course work in their program area. This kind of degree is for students who intend to enter the work force upon graduation.
Practitioners Engaged in Applied Research and Learning Network definition: An infrastructure to conduct office-based research that will answer the questions facing general dental practitioners in the routine care of their patients.
applied ignition definition: [1] Fremdzündung
Internationale Union für reine und angewandte Chemie definition: [1] Organisation, die verbindliche Empfehlungen zum Fachgebiet Chemie gibt, u.a. zur Nomenklatur von Stoffen oder Gesundheitsthemen.
Fachhochschule definition: [1] Hochschule mit überwiegend anwendungsorientierten Studiengängen.
Angewandte Linguistik definition: [1] Linguistik: Sammelbegriff für die Disziplinen der Linguistik, die einen höheren Bezug zu praktischer Anwendung haben als andere.

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