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Nutrition Assessment definition: Evaluation and measurement of nutritional variables in order to assess the level of nutrition or the NUTRITIONAL STATUS of the individual. NUTRITION SURVEYS may be used in making the assessment.

Validation of a new test that assesses functional performance of the upper extremity and neck (FIT-HaNSA) in patients with shoulder pathology

Joy C MacDermid et al.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 17 May 2007

Proof of concept of a method that assesses the spread of microbial infections with spatially explicit and non-spatially explicit data

Ariel L Rivas et al.

International Journal of Health Geographics , 18 Nov 2008

Pspace: a program that assesses protein space

Mihaly Mezei et al.

Source Code for Biology and Medicine , 23 Oct 2007

Influenza in Tropical Regions: ... by Peiris et al. that assesses the burden of influenza ...

Cécile Viboud et al.

PLoS Medicine , 01 Apr 2006

Factors affecting the response of lung clearance systems to acid aerosols: role of exposure concentration, exposure time, and relative acidity.: ... process. This paper assesses the role of acid ...

R B Schlesinger

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Feb 1989

Development and application of a microarray meter tool to optimize microarray experiments: ... meter' tool which assesses the inherent variations ...

Richard JD Rouse et al.

BMC Research Notes , 11 Jul 2008

Neurobiology of Memory and Anxiety: From Genes to Behavior: ... The paper also assesses the putative role of ...

Allan V. Kalueff

Neural Plasticity , 2007

The codon Adaptation Index--a measure of directional synonymous codon usage bias, and its potential applications.: ... in that gene. The index assesses the extent to which ...

P M Sharp et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Feb 1987

Protein Peeling 2: a web server to convert protein structures into series of protein units: ... correlation. An index assesses the compactness quality ...

J.-C. Gelly et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Jul 2006

Protein family comparison using statistical models and predicted structural information: ... predictions and assesses statistical similarity ...

Richard Chung et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 25 Nov 2004

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