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Behavior definition: The observable response a person makes to any situation.
behavior definition: human or animal activity studied in terms of motivation, direction, result, emotion, perception, or etiology.
behavior definition: The specific actions or reactions of an organism in response to external or internal stimuli. Patterned activity of a whole organism in a manner dependent upon some combination of that organism's internal state and external conditions. [GOC:ems, ISBN:0395448956]
BEHAVIOR definition: Observable responses, actions, or activities of the client fitting the occasion or purpose
Behavior definition: The actions or reactions of an object or organism, usually in relation to the environment or surrounding world of stimuli.
Conation definition: The conscious tendency to act, usually an aspect of mental process.
Behavior Therapy definition: The application of modern theories of learning and conditioning in the treatment of behavior disorders.
behavior modification definition: specific techniques which use classical or operant conditioning, or perceptual learning, to change behavior, especially to extinguish socially undesirable behavior, attitudes, or phobias.
behavior therapy definition: therapeutic approach in which the focus is on the patient's observable behavior, rather than on conflicts and unconscious processes presumed to underlie his maladaptive behavior; accomplished through systematic manipulation of the environmental and behavioral variables related to the specific behavior to be modified; operant conditioning, systematic desensitization, token economy, aversive control, flooding, and implosion are examples of techniques that may be used in behavior therapy.
behavior modification definition: Activities that change habits, conduct, or patterns of action.
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