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Block definition: Interrupt the normal function of; hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of; stop from happening or developing; interfere with or prevent the reception of signals; impede the movement of.
Anti-B4 Blocked Ricin Immunotoxin definition: An immunotoxin comprised of an anti-B4 (anti-CD19) murine monoclonal antibody linked to the modified plant-derived toxin blocked ricin. The antibody moiety of anti-B4 blocked ricin immunotoxin binds to B lymphocytes that express B4; after internalization of the immunotoxin by the B4-expressing B cell, the ricin moiety cleaves the N-glycosidic bond between the ribose and adenine base at position 4324 in the B lymphocyte 28S ribosomal RNA, resulting in ribosome inactivation, inhibition of protein synthesis, and cell death. Blocked ricin is ricin which has been chemically modified such that the lectin binding sites of the B chain (galactose-binding sites) have been blocked by covalent attachment of affinity ligands, leaving the ribosome-inactivating activity of the ricin A chain intact.
Blocked connection definition: Issue associated with linking of device and/or device components whereby their functional units set up to provide means for a transfer of fluid, gas, or data is prevented or impeded.

TGF β-induced cartilage repair is maintained but fibrosis is blocked in the presence of Smad7

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Does erotic stimulus presentation design affect brain activation patterns? Event-related vs. blocked fMRI designs

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In the higher plant Pisum sativum maturation of nascent DNA is blocked by cycloheximide, but only after 4-8 replicons are joined.

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Blocked 5'-termini in the fragments of chromosomal DNA produced in cells exposed to the antitumor drug 4'-[(9-acridinyl)-amino]methanesulphon-m-anisidide (mAMSA).

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A hammerhead ribozyme allows synthesis of a new form of the Tetrahymena ribozyme homogeneous in length with a 3' end blocked for transesterification.

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DNA damage response of cloned DNA beta-polymerase promoter is blocked in mutant cell lines deficient in protein kinase A.

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Recovery of DNA synthesis after ultraviolet irradiation of xeroderma pigmentosum cells depends on excision repair and is blocked by caffeine

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The ERV-9 LTR enhancer is not blocked by the HS5 insulator and synthesizes through the HS5 site non-coding, long RNAs that regulate LTR enhancer function

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Coordinate 5′ and 3′ endonucleolytic trimming of terminally blocked blunt DNA double-strand break ends by Artemis nuclease and DNA-dependent protein kinase

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Cu(II) and Ni(II) Interactions with the Terminally Blocked Hexapeptide Ac-Leu-Ala-His-Tyr-Asn-Lys-amide Model of Histone H2B (80–85)

Katerina Panagiotou et al.

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications , 2008

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