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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
capacity Amt
capacity Anstellung
capacity Band
capacity Debet
capacity Dienst
capacity Eichmaß
capacity Einschlaggrube
capacity Fassungsvermögen
capacity Funktion
capacity Fähigkeit
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enEnglish afAfrikaans
1 word
capacity afdeling
capacity amp
capacity baantjie
capacity betrekking
capacity diens
capacity eetservies
capacity funksie
capacity mag
capacity pos
capacity vermoë
enEnglish arArabic
1 word
capacity دالة
enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
capacity càrrec
capacity dèbit
capacity funció
capacity ocupació
capacity ofici
capacity posició
capacity posta
capacity secció
enEnglish csCzech
1 word
capacity funkce
capacity kancelář
capacity pomoc
capacity služba
capacity spíž
capacity úřad
enEnglish daDanish
1 word
capacity afdeling
capacity embede
capacity funktion
capacity service
capacity spisekammer
capacity tjeneste
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
capacity debeto
capacity enhaveco
capacity funkcio
capacity kapablo
capacity ofico
capacity posteno
capacity provizejo
capacity sekcio
capacity servico
capacity servo
enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
capacity almacén
capacity capacidad
capacity capacidad contractual
capacity cargo
capacity debe
capacity departamento
capacity depósito
capacity empleo
capacity experto
capacity función
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enEnglish faPersian
1 word
capacity تابع
capacity جلد
enEnglish fiFinnish
1 word
capacity virka
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
capacity borðbúnaður
capacity deild
capacity megi
capacity starv
capacity starvsháttur
capacity varðhald
capacity virki
enEnglish frFrench
1 word
capacity baguette
capacity cadence
capacity capacité
capacity capacité d'exercice
capacity condensateur
capacity débit
capacity emploi
capacity fonction
capacity idonéité
capacity jauge
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enEnglish fyFrisian
1 word
capacity amt
capacity fermogen
capacity funksje
capacity macht
capacity tsjinst
capacity ôfdieling
enEnglish gdScottish Gaelic
1 word
capacity cumhachd
enEnglish glGallegan
1 word
capacity función
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
capacity debeto
capacity funciono
capacity kapableso
capacity kapaceso
capacity ofico
capacity servo
capacity volumino
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
capacity divisione
capacity funzione
capacity impiego
capacity servizio
enEnglish laLatin
1 word
capacity cella
capacity cellarium
capacity officium
capacity ops
enEnglish msMalay
1 word
capacity bagian
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
capacity afdeling
capacity ambt
capacity baan
capacity betrekking
capacity capaciteit
capacity debet
capacity debetzijde
capacity dienst
capacity eetservies
capacity functie
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enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
capacity anretning
capacity byrå
capacity embete
capacity funksjon
capacity gudstjeneste
capacity kontor
capacity servise
capacity tjeneste
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
capacity serwis
capacity zastawa
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
capacity capacidade
capacity cargo
capacity deve
capacity débito
capacity emprego
capacity faculdade
capacity função
capacity habilidade
capacity lugar
capacity ofício
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enEnglish ruRussian
1 word
capacity том
capacity функция
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
capacity makt
capacity sektion
capacity tjänst
capacity ämbete
enEnglish tgTajik
1 word
capacity тобеъ
enEnglish urUrdu
1 word
capacity دالہ
enEnglish zhChinese
1 word
capacity 体积
capacity 大量
capacity 容积
capacity 容量
capacity 音量
Inspiratory Capacity definition: The maximum volume of air that can be inspired after reaching the end of a normal, quiet expiration. It is the sum of the TIDAL VOLUME and the INSPIRATORY RESERVE VOLUME. Common abbreviation is IC.
Vital Capacity definition: The volume of air that is exhaled by a maximal expiration following a maximal inspiration.
Capacity definition: The amount that can be contained. It can refer to the volume that can be held, such as lung capacity, or the number of people that can be contained in a room or building.
Surge Capacity definition: A health care system's ability to rapidly mobilize to meet an increased demand, to rapidly expand beyond normal services levels to meet the increased demand in the event of large-scale DISASTERS or public health emergencies.
Capacity Building definition: Organizational development including enhancement of management structures, processes and procedures, within organizations and among different organizations and sectors to meet present and future needs.
rupturing capacity definition: [1] Ausschaltleistung, Schaltleistung
engine capacity definition: [1] Hubraum
absorbing capacity definition: [1] Aufnahmefähigkeit, Absorptionsvermögen
capacity definition: Volume.
capacity definition: Capacité, habilité.
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Überkapazität definition: [1] entsteht, wenn ein Betrieb, ein Unternehmen oder sogar ein ganzer Wirtschaftszweig mit Produktionsmitteln ausgestattet ist, für die nicht genügend Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten bestehen [2]
Geschäftsfähigkeit definition: [1] Recht: die Fähigkeit, rechtlich bindende Willenserklärungen abzugeben, zum Beispiel Verträge zu schließen
Kapazität definition: [1] Physik: Fähigkeit Ladungen aufzunehmen [2] Wirtschaft: Leistungsvermögen, Produktivität [3] Fassungsvermögen [4] geistiges Leistungsvermögen, Auffassungsgabe [5] Fachmann, Leistungsträger
Abbauvermögen definition: [1] Biologie, Chemie: Fähigkeit, Moleküle und andere Strukturen zu zerlegen
volume definition: Ampleur, grosseur d’une masse ; Espace occupé par un corps ou celui pouvant être délimité par une ou des surfaces.
volume definition: Quantité approximative, notamment dans le commerce.
volume definition: Intensité d’un son, puissance acoustique.
volume definition: Ouvrage ou partie d’un ouvrage relié.
volume definition: Texte inhabituellement long, particulièrement de la correspondance.
capacité definition: Pouvoir de réaliser ou de produire quelque chose.
capacité definition: Quantité d’un contenant.
capacité definition: Production maximale.
capacité definition: (Droit) Pouvoirs reconnus par la loi à une categorie d’individus de s’engager
capacité definition: (Physique) Quantité d’électricité d’un condensateur sous une tension de un volt
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