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characterization Charakterisierung
characterization Charakteristik
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characterization característica
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characterization caractérisation
characterization caractéristique
Product Characterization definition:

A code that characterizes the role that the primary reporter felt that the suspect intervention -- either a substance administration or a device related procedure - played in the incident being reported. This code will capture the primary reporter's assessment of the role that the suspect product played in the incident reported in the ICSR.

Examples include: Suspect, Concomitant, Interacting, Re-challenge.

Characterization definition: The act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features.
Nanoparticle Characterization definition: A series of analytical methods that provide information about nanoscale entities such as composition, structure and defects. This information is critical for nanoparticle preparation, the study of properties, use, and reproducibility of the material.
Nanoparticle Chemical Characterization definition: Analyses to determine the chemical properties of a nanoparticle. These chemical elements are requisites for molecular structure, and they determine both the reactivity and selectivity of nanoparticles.
Nanoparticle Physical Characterization definition: The measurement and description of information pertaining to the determination of the physical properties of nanoparticles. These analyses enable the quantification of thermal, electrical and mechanical parameters of these entities.
characterization definition: Caractérisation.
Charakteristik definition: [1] allgemein: ein passende Beschreibung einer Person oder einer Sache [2] Mathematik, Technik: Kennziffer der Abhängigkeit eines Logarithmus, Winkelabhängigkeit von Wellen (Schallwellen, Lichtwellen) [3] das Charakteristische (Gesamtheit der charakteristischen Eigenschaften) von etwas; das, was etwas ausmacht
caractérisation definition: Vérification de la conformité d’un produit à ses spécifications au moyen d’un ensemble de tests physiques ou électriques.

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