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Nurse Clinicians definition: Registered nurses who hold Master's degrees in nursing with an emphasis in clinical nursing and who function independently in coordinating plans for patient care.
Clinical Nurse Specialist definition: Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) - a licensed registered nurse who has graduate preparation (a master's or a doctorate) in nursing as a CNS. The CNS is a clinical expert in theory-based and/or research-based nursing practice within a specialty area. (NACNS)
clinician definition: Only clinicians may see this item, billing and administration persons can not access this item without special permission.
Research Clinician definition: A physician who is involved in the treatment and observation of patients as part of a systematic investigation.

It presents the rationale, introduces the clinical paradigm of treatment-resistant schizophrenia, and discusses an exemplar of clinician non-conformance to a clinical guideline.

Paul R Falzer et al.

Implementation science : IS 3 (7), 29 Feb 2008

Using the revised PORT guidelines as a template, Sernyak and associates [ 57 ] developed an evidence-based guideline for TRS, then tested clinician conformance, using clinicians who had been introduced to the guideline, understood its use, and explicitly concurred with it.

Paul R Falzer et al.

Implementation science : IS 3 (7), 29 Feb 2008

Reasons for departing from the guideline included the patient's unwillingness to change the current medication, non-adherence to medications, a current condition of being stable, or the clinician's judgment that more time is needed with the current regimen.

Paul R Falzer et al.

Implementation science : IS 3 (7), 29 Feb 2008

For the eight vignettes at step three, subjects will make three ratings, each as a percentage from zero to 100: the likelihood that following the protocol will ever result in a good treatment response; the likelihood that the patient will ever have a good response by not following the protocol, and the likelihood that the clinician would follow the step four of the guideline after an insufficient response at step three.

Paul R Falzer et al.

Implementation science : IS 3 (7), 29 Feb 2008

The latter feature is particularly important because it enables phase two to examine partial responses, which require clinician discretion and are more conducive to a standard of incorporation than adherence.

Paul R Falzer et al.

Implementation science : IS 3 (7), 29 Feb 2008

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