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atelectasis definition: collapse of all or part of a lung due to bronchial plugging or the chest cavity being opened to atomspheric pressure.
atelectasis definition: (at-uh-LEK-tuh-sis) Failure of the lung to expand (inflate) completely. This may be caused by a blocked airway, a tumor, general anesthesia, pneumonia or other lung infections, lung disease, or long-term bedrest with shallow breathing. Sometimes called a collapsed lung.
Pulmonary Atelectasis definition: Absence of air in the entire or part of a lung, such as an incompletely inflated neonate lung or a collapsed adult lung. Pulmonary atelectasis can be caused by airway obstruction, lung compression, fibrotic contraction, or other factors.
Atelectasis definition: The collapse of part or the entire lung due to airway obstruction, infection, tumor, or general anesthesia.
replication fork processing definition: The process by which a DNA replication fork that has stalled (due to DNA damage, DNA secondary structure, bound proteins, dNTP shortage, or other causes) is repaired and replication is restarted. [PMID:11459955, PMID:15367656, PMID:17660542]

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